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The Opening Bit! #CampTramps2016

So, 2016, well what a year so far! and now it’s summer(sic), where to?

In a satirical nod to Brexit, we’ve gone all isolationist this year and are currently trundling around the Albion. Hopefully next year it’ll be “Vive La France” ….assuming the French have a sense of humour and let us in!

Anyway, we’re five days into this years trip and are having our last night at Grin Low, a CC Site just outside Buxton, Derbyshire, in the heart of the Peak District. A good site, which has matched our expectations of Caravan Club Main Sites. There are plenty of walks directly from the site, including a short one to Solomons Temple, just a 10 minute stroll from Grin Low. This fortified hill marker, which you can enter and climb sits atop a bronze age barrow and offers great views from its position 440m’s above sea-level.

IMG_5659 copy.jpg

The Other Half, surveys her territory

Our group of friends left for home today, leaving us with a mixture of sadness, tinged with some relief as I don’t think the old liver can take much more of the late nights and liquid intake. So the middle-aged partying(oxymoron) is over….lets get down and dirty.

The Peaks (sometimes overlooked) are a great place to holiday in the UK, testified by the amount of family’s camping and taking part in outdoor activities throughout the area. The towns and villages are very well appointed, with lots of decent bars, food outlets, outdoor shops, and a high concentration of supermarkets, such as Waitrose, which is always a good combat indicator of an areas popularity.

One area worth looking at, which we’ve blogged about before is “The Roaches” a millstone grit feature, which is great for treking along. It encompasses Lud’s Church, nr Gradbach, Staffs.  A deep fissure, which has a slightly mystical feel to it, the Mutts and Ffion, his lab buddy seemed to enjoy it…..”Spot The Lab!”


Lud’s Church

Future Plans! No Idea. But we do fancy visiting some areas we normally wouldn’t get to see, we’re really running with the wind on this trip. Tomorrow we are heading to a place called “Barrow Haven”, which is south of the River Humber, directly opposite Hull. A two night stop in a tiny site, whilst we ponder the next stage.

Right….Season 6, Ep 1….Game of Thrones!

That is all.



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