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“All Aboard The Good Ship Bertie”

So this weekend we’re heading west to Ynys Môn, the island of Anglesey. This time we’re going to be mob-handed, joining up with my old pal “Bertola” and his good lady, the long suffering “M’Julie”. Bertie is an ex RN Submariner(chef). As he reminds me occasionally ” I’ve poached eggs right under the nose of the enemy son” (Argentinian Coast 1982). He is also famous for his tidiness, punctuality, odd-jobs that need doing and basically never sitting still for more than 5 mins. Me on the other hand, i’m lazy, always taking short cuts, I leave important tasks for another day and am generally a typical ex-army slacker. Which probably accounts as to why we all get on so well.

So the weekend will generally go along the lines of Bertola inspecting my van, fixing things I can’t be arsed to repair, teaching me how to use stuff I knew nothing about and basically run me ragged from 0800 till last light. Meanwhile I will happily follow him about like a baby gorilla hanging onto the coat tails of the aged troop Silverback.  In between that there will be copious amounts of wine, brilliant stories, dog walking and the occasional snack!!!


Bertola(pictured in the middle), just about to serve his famous “Bubble n Squeak Surprise” . Somewhere off Southern Chile 1982

As I write this the “Other Half” is up at the van, with instructions to “Get the laminate floor gleaming, he will expect to see your face in it” ( I can crack the whip when I need to!).

Its going to be a great weekend….Update to follow.

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