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Weekend Fun – Snowmageddon

So, what fun the weekend was. It all started off with little bit of snow on Friday, no problem we thought!. Saturday morning 0530, the sound of breaking metal wakes us from our slumber. Looking out of the back bedroom we discovered that a large amount of wet packed snow, about 4ft in height had slid down the house roof onto the conservatory flat roof below. This was pretty serious, as it was very possible the roof would collapse. Going back to bed wasn’t an option, although by god I did consider it. My morale was lower than a low thing. The picture below shows the snow through the bedroom window, gripping stuff eh!


Anyway, the Motorhomedreamer Emergency Response Team(MERT) swung into action, well she got the shovel, I grabbed the step ladder, and up I went. Took about an hour and a half to clear, time consuming because I was gingerly moving around the outside of the roof (My Ninja days are well behind me). Anyway that task completed, the other half displayed her full Irish roots and shovelled a couple of tons of snow off the decking onto the garden below!Image…Begorrah!

After that a retreat to the kitchen for tea and medals. Then out to the front to clear the path. This was a bloody long job, eventually hitting my side of the sofa at round 3pm. A full day….I hate snow.

This morning (Sun) I was up like a spring gazelle. MERT had several very important tasks. Firstly dig out the car. 2hrs later task 1 completed. Then onto task 2, dig out “Chucklebus”. We are heading off in the van on Monday for 4 nights away. Firstly off to the seaside, Barmouth to be exact at: http://www.trawsdir.co.uk ┬áThe site is located a mile or so west of Barmouth on the Harlech road. Close to the beach, so Muttley will get some exercise and a few dunks in the sea for good measure. Then on Wed, we trundle back towards home, stopping for two nights at Bala on a campsite called: http://www.tyncornel.co.uk

More walking and exploring around Bala lake and of course the obligatory dunk for the mutt, finally returning to home base on Good Friday……..Well thats the plan!

Anyway, task 2 completed. The Van’s ready to roll. Updates to follow.

Finally to finish on a positive note. In the last 48hrs, I’ve spoken to many of my neighbours for the first time in 12 odd years, some I didn’t even know existed. I’ve also discovered my near neighbour is getting married at Gretna Green… Tomorrow! So although I still hate snow, it has its place.


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Snowmageddon – N/E Wales


Where did all that come from? Thank goodness the other half has a stout pair of walking boots, otherwise I would have to go without my paper and coffee. Go Girl x

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