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Just been chatting with my mate “Bertola”. He’s been a motorhome owner for a few years and is well versed in the buying process. Basically he tells me that the buying bit is fairly smooth. The problematic area is when something goes wrong further down the road and you try and get warranty work completed. The customer can sometimes be caught between the dealer and the manufacturer as they argue who’s responsible for covering the cost of repairs. This must be extremely stressful for the vehicle owner. He tells me even the dealers with the best reputations get it wrong on numerous occasions. Buying one of these vans is a huge investment, there really needs to be a shake up of the industry with more protection for the consumer. ¬†Hopefully the ever increasing power of the internet will help in that process of improvement. Many van owners belong to heavily subscribed internet based clubs. Bad dealers are routinely named and shamed, eventually the bright ones will get the message and invest more in getting the basics right. Any dealer who thinks potential owners don’t scan the internet for advice is a fool. What’s needed?

1. Sensible pricing

2. Proper Delivery inspections when they(the dealers) receive new vehicles from manufacturers.

3. Detailed Pre – Delivery Inspection of the van(used or new) before the handover to the customer.

4. A full handover process with the customer, taking a couple of hours at least, ideally an overnight on a nearby campsite.

5. Proper aftersales care.

Most dealers fail on the above points. miserably. Have a look at websites, Motorhome Fun or Motorhome Facts. Type the name of one of the major dealers into the site search box, then read and weep at other buyers misfortunes!!

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