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Day 2: #grandtour13 – Gloucester – Sharpness Canal

After a good nights sleep, followed by a hearty breakfast, we were off on foot to explore the nearby Gloucester-Sharpness Canal. Firstly heading a mile into the village of Frampton on Severn. A beautiful canal side village, I would imagine property prices are a little on the high side here, only 10 mins from the M5, but you’d never know it. A  stunning location to live.

If you fancy reading about life in this part of the world, before mechanisation, motorways and other modern support systems, have a read of “Cider With Rosie” by Laurie Lee. Based on his life as a child growing up in a small village east of Stroud, called Slad. It covers the period immediately after the First World War, up until the point that he leaves home in the early 1930’s. 


The church in Frampton dates back to 1315.


Stockbroker belt! Very smart.


As with almost every village in the UK, a memorial to the Great War and the villagers who died taking part.

The village has a couple of pubs that also serve food. In the centre of the village green is the cricket pitch, which is a focal point for village life in the summer. You can actually watch the match from the one pub….in fact your so close, you could act as a fielder and still have a pint!

After browsing through the village, we crossed on of the innumerable swing-bridges that cover this stretch of the canal and proceeded to follow the towpath towards the Cam Bridge for a few miles. Lots of boat traffic, mostly narrow boats, with the odd river cruiser. The sun was shining, the swans and cygnets were very visible, the dog was happy chasing the butterflies. A very enjoyable few hours.


Gloucester – Sharpness Canal



The wetlands supporting this area were developed with oversight by Sir Peter Scott in the 1940’s.

So a really great start to #grandtour13. (We love this place, I might remove the map and site details so nobody else finds it) Tomorrow we point the chucklebus in the direction of  Dorset, staying with friends for a few days, before we head up into North Devon and the delights of Exmoor. That is all.

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Day 1: #grandtour13 – Tanhouse Farm CL. Frampton on Severn – Score 5/5


Today the Motorhomedreamer Clan commenced the “Grand Tour 2013”. In this, the tours inaugural year, we’ll be taking in the delights of Gloucestershire, Dorset, Devon and possibly Cornwall…..Dependent on the stress levels after a couple of weeks holed up together in the chucklebus in temperatures in the mid to late 20’s!!

We’re currently parked up on an isolated site alongside the “The Gloucester – Sharpness Canal”. just south of the riverside village of Frampton on Severn. The area is flat, heavily wooded with an abundance of wildlife, it reminds me a little of some of the areas in Norfolk. The site was easy to get to, just a 10min drive from Junction 13 of the M5. Basic facilities, grass pitch, but with EHU, this is a really good location, for us a perfect campsite, (Bertie, m’Julie; you would love it).  We’re quite happy to spend a couple of days here before moving south into Dorset to the summer residence of the Ponciau Royal Family(See prev blog). Fairly cheap as well, £26 for 2 nights…Thaaaankyou very much. Image

Tomorrows plan is to walk the canal path for  a few miles and see what occurs.

That is all!


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