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Operation Muttley – A Force For Good!

This weekend we are off to a reunion gathering in Mid Wales. The mutt is going to be in the uncertain hands of the daughters, now although they are in their 20’s and very sensible, in my eyes they are still in their early teens, which emcompasses bad attitudes, zits, high sugar levels and a poor taste in music. With this in mind I’ve prepared a full written instruction for “Operation Muttley” Below is the opening paragraph setting out my stall:


10/12 May 2013


Muttley “Bring it on girls….grrrrrrr”


EOTM(daughter won “employee of the month”) and Cruella will assume responsibility for Muttley with effect Friday 1530L 10 May 2013 until Sunday TBC. During that period both munchkins will carry a dual responsibility for the care and welfare of their younger sibling.  For this to work it will require tasks to be equally divided and completed. Truces, teamwork, compromise and cooperation, that’s the ticket to success! Not the normal cycle of hostility, rages and prolonged periods of silence…a tall order!


Initial response has been muted, other than the odd “Your a nutter” and “I’m checking your grammar!” comment. So all I have to do now is deposit £50 from the Bank of Dad to cover fast-food deliveries, then hand over the keys to the house and of course the very important asset, the dog!

Update to follow.


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