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The Cumbrian Coast – Part One

We rolled into Allonby on Saturday, after a 3hr drive from our N Wales base. A very nice secluded CL site called Old Kiln Farm; Just off the main coast road between Maryport and Siloth.



Just a 200m walk to the sandbanks of the Solway Firth, its a very windswept part of the UK. The tide goes out for a mile or so, giving the area a serene quality. This is quite deceiving, because when the tide eventually comes in, its close up and in your face, a full tidal estuary, strong, powerful and very noisy.


Looking south to Allonby – Tide in


Tide Out!

On this trip so far we’ve had a couple of days of sunshine.  When the sun is shining everyones happy, lots of walking and fun things to do…


Yippeee the suns shining, follow me

But when the weathers bad! ewwwwww, and we’ve now entered that wet phase. Today was spent mainly reading, having a pensioners, watching DVD’s and generally poking fun at each other…normally at my expense. I’ve lost count of the amount of what she calls “funny pics” that have been taken of me,with her occasionally adding the more embarrassing ones to her twitter feed (Hilarious!) 😦

As the rain is falling and my other half doesn’t do rain, i’ve also been tasked with dog walking, recycling and being the general family dogsbody. I can’t wait for the sun to re-appear!!! The other half has also discovered the delights of the Slow Cooker, which means she now just bungs raw meat in a pot, adds some magic powder, then retires to “My Seat” for 4hrs to play games on her IPad and use up MY internet…Hurrumph!

(Incidentally, we play a little game….digs to the arm if your wrong about something…I lost 5 digs, because I reckoned the frying pan wouldn’t fit in a drawer in the van…it did!….Then stupidly I tried double or quits, twice and failed miserably, She now owes me 20 digs. I’m  dancing on eggshells, never knowing when she’ll strike like a Ninja!!).


Muttley enjoying a bracing walk!

Tomorrow we upsticks and move south along the coast to Boughton On Furness, which is south of Conniston Water, the site of Donald Campbells water speed record attempts in the 1950’s and 60’s including the final fatal attempt in 1967.

More to follow.


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