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The New Van – Update

The sale is progressing well. On Tuesday myself and daughter No 2, otherwise known as “The Critter” make the journey north to Edinburgh to seal the deal. The Critter has demanded many perks in order to give up her day off to accompany Dad. So its a First Class Seat(which was actually cheaper than the available 2nd Class). This means only one thing to her? ¬†“Free Snacks”. Then it will be a 4hr plus ride back in the van to the sounds of “Dad’s tracks of his years”. ¬†There may be critter tears I fear! and not of the joyful type.

We have also booked two nights on a small camp site near Moel Famau for next Fri. This will give us a chance to give the van a shake down, get to know how everything works and of course get a walk or two under the belts.

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