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POTENTIAL: Autocruise Rhythm


This 6m van is produced by Autocruise. It has a rear lounge layout which is very popular with the Brits (We like to loaf around watch tele and do as little as possible, whilst mainland Europeans like to be fit, active, skiing, taking ice cold swims in fiords and stuff!). Anyway, a great van, the two rear benches offer 2 x singles or a massive double bed. Great for two people who want a decent living/lounging space. Remember it only has two belted seats, so tagging along family members on a weekend away is not possible. This is probably my favourite layout but the price is silly money.  For a van like this on a 2007/8 plate you can expect to pay £31k + for the diesel variant. The price seems to be kept at an artificially high price. Having been watching the prices for the last couple of years they’re certainly keeping their resale value.


There has been some issues with build quality, additionally storage is not brilliant. So, as with all these things, everything is a trade off and compromise. I do baulk at the price, perhaps I will come back to this type of layout in a few years, when they reduce to sensible level. Still on the radar though!

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