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Muttleys Obedience Training – Progress Report

Progress Report on Muttley’s Retrieval Skills :

He understands that he has to fetch, but he’s decided he won’t be bring it back! …….Well not to me anyway.

They both thought it was funny!

The lovingly administered beatings continue.

That is all


August 28, 2013 · 8:24 pm

Muttleys First Swim

Muttleys First Swim

Muttley having his first ever swim in the unusually warm water of Cardigan Bay this weekend. A Red Letter Day!

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July 14, 2013 · 5:00 pm

The Mutts Summer Cut

The Mutts Summer Cut

He’s as Happy as Larry. Off in the van quite a bit over the next few weeks, so his holiday outfit is sorted. Wish the other half was as easy!

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July 10, 2013 · 12:49 pm

Gonads – There they were, Gone!

Yep, our favourite mutt is now walking around gingerly and talking in a high pitched voice.

Yesterday, he had a visit to all the nice ladies at the vets, who always make such a fuss of him. He walked in with “The other half”, tail waging, flicking his paws out as he walked (Yippee Mum, I love the vets, look at me, look at me…pant pant), everything was going well, until the lead passed to the young nurse and “The other half” turned around and walked away….She had a quick look over her shoulder to see Muttley trying to frantically reverse in a narrow space and follow his mum… chance. Anyway, all done. Nuts now in the bin, where they can’t do any harm!

Today he’s a bit careful and feeling sorry for himself. Crafty as he is, every time the other half is in the same room he is milking the sympathy….big time. He should be on the stage. Doesn’t work with me….Tough Love. (Stand Easy Soldier).


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Muttley The Wonderdog

The family mutt. A 9 month old standard poodle. Like a finely tuned piano!

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May 11, 2013 · 7:38 am

Muttley – Bathtime!!

Muttley - Bathtime!!


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May 10, 2013 · 2:16 pm

Operation Muttley – A Force For Good!

This weekend we are off to a reunion gathering in Mid Wales. The mutt is going to be in the uncertain hands of the daughters, now although they are in their 20’s and very sensible, in my eyes they are still in their early teens, which emcompasses bad attitudes, zits, high sugar levels and a poor taste in music. With this in mind I’ve prepared a full written instruction for “Operation Muttley” Below is the opening paragraph setting out my stall:


10/12 May 2013


Muttley “Bring it on girls….grrrrrrr”


EOTM(daughter won “employee of the month”) and Cruella will assume responsibility for Muttley with effect Friday 1530L 10 May 2013 until Sunday TBC. During that period both munchkins will carry a dual responsibility for the care and welfare of their younger sibling.  For this to work it will require tasks to be equally divided and completed. Truces, teamwork, compromise and cooperation, that’s the ticket to success! Not the normal cycle of hostility, rages and prolonged periods of silence…a tall order!


Initial response has been muted, other than the odd “Your a nutter” and “I’m checking your grammar!” comment. So all I have to do now is deposit £50 from the Bank of Dad to cover fast-food deliveries, then hand over the keys to the house and of course the very important asset, the dog!

Update to follow.


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Muttley’s First Haircut – After!

Well, all done. Neat, clipped, definitely non-feminine….phew. Even he looks relieved. Mutts I’ll be happy to walk you on the Moss on Monday. “Bezzimates”


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Muttley’s First Haircut – Before

Big day for the Mutt, his first haircut!!. The groomer’s been briefed, “No fancy, poncy styles….1 x mancut please.” Image

We shall see!

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The joys of dog ownership ! Our mutt is now about 7 months old. A great dog, but will eat anything when out on his morning walk. This morning at 0700 we were woken up with a jolt, to hear him retching. Result =  1x small chewed stick and 1 x wet wipe.

I then took him out on his walk and the bugger picked up the cloth skin from a discarded tennis ball. He knows when he has something he shouldn’t….Could I catch him? NO. Eventually he swallowed it, then came over wagging his tale. I could have cheerfully killed him (deep  breaths aaaand relaaaax). So this situation is going to end in one of three ways.

Option 1. Rear End Deposit = Preferred

Option 2. Front End Deposit = Not so keen, never seems to make it outside.

Option 3. A visit to the vets for some cutting and expensive bills = Its not the cutting, its the cost!

The family is now on “Poohwatch”

The joys of dog ownership!


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