About Me

A 55yr(seasonally adjusted) old “Victor Meldrew” type, living in North East Wales. Settling into early retirement with my partner and our pretty cool mutt. This blog is about my early retirement, the initial quest for a motorhome, subsequent adventures and random thoughts on life in general.

13 responses to “About Me

  1. BEWARE!!!!! Blogging is SERIOUSLY addictive ^_^
    It’s gonna be a great blog – your writing’s already captivating and after a while you get to find out what you really like. And don’t…..
    Giz a shout when you’ve decided which van to get so we can come’n have a nose around. You show me yours I show you mine. HA!!!
    Mrs B (North Wales. Where else ^_^)

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence Mrs B, really appreciated. I will certainly shout you up when its sorted. It’ll be good to catch up with the other half. 🙂

  2. Special daughter no2

    Best blog EVER

  3. Great blog Jimmy K!! Thanks for looking at mine , and now signed up for yours 🙂
    Also just like Mrs B above, we’re in North Wales, got a camper, and got a dog. Life is perfect 🙂

  4. Ian Kelsey

    You sniveling wretch…after 25 years in the wilderness I have read in 5 mins all I need to know about how sad you still are… Suffice to to say you are a boring old fart who has graciousely but a little prematurely slipped into middle/old age…. see/speak soon. Kels

  5. Jennifer Jones

    When I read the Ponciau bit my heart lit up – ah the Rhos and the Ponciau. Surely you must come from Wrexham – my birthplace . Sadly moved from there and now in Chesterfield but my heart still remembers working at Manweb at Croesfoel and life in North Wales. Even your mention of Moel Arthur made me smile as we lived in Ruthin for a while and climbed Moel Fammau,Moel Arthur and Y Fenlli often ., We have a motorhome Suzy and have been travelling in her for the last four years. Our blog is JENGOG if you google you can find me.

  6. Thanks Jenny, spot on, of course. I will certainly follow your blog. I’ve just had a look and there’s lots of interesting posts to read through. Many thanks for dropping by 🙂

  7. Can you support this petition:


    Thanks in advance


  8. Did the earth move for you this morning – didn’t here on the Algarve …

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