Hail the New Van!

OMG! We’ve only gone and bagged a new van!! Yesterday, we hopped on the train south of Wrexham and by mid afternoon we were gazing over the cold waters off the Sussex Coast. The fantastic vendors Jacky & Tony treated us to cakes and coffee before the real business began. 90 minutes later it was ours and here it is:

Here she is!

A Chausson Best of 10, on a 14 plate, with just over 12300 Miles on the clock. As with the “Chucklebus” this was a private sale, thus avoiding the substantial dealer markup. The vans in great condition and it’s Ford Transit base handles like a dream. It really is a Tardis inside and the ability to sleep x four ticks all the boxes. The electric drop down bed is clever and a great space saver……(stop gushing Al).

Did I mention the electric bed?

Did I mention the electric bed?

Don’t be fooled by the smile, the body language indicates this is her chair…sniff

So we’ve spent today, packing, fiddling, arguing, baggsying seats etc. You know the score!! Mutts has also been sniffing around, I’m pleased to report it appears to have passed muster!

First trip out in two weeks, probably on a site fairly close to us with friends. Next on the menu…… naming it 😲

That is All!


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13 responses to “Hail the New Van!

  1. I totally misread the first sentence as ” We’ve only gone and banged the new van.” Hunting for details of the crunch, I slowed down and finally re-read … Phew! Here’s to many, many miles of bang free driving πŸ˜‚

  2. Anonymous

    Nice van enjoy both 🍷🍷

  3. Great!!! Looks Very nice πŸ‘ Happy times 😊

  4. Tony Pearce

    Hi Allan

    This is Jacky!

    Loved the latest blog and we really look forward to seeing your adventures in our/your new motorhome. We were actually very nostalgic yesterday and today, wondering if we had done the right thing in letting it go!! We have loved owning it and have many, many happy memories stored of our outings in it!

    It was lovely to meet with you both and we are happy it has gone to an appreciative home. Have wonderful times with it.

    Kind regards

    Jacky and Tony 😊

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    • Argh thanks Jacky, we were a bit blown away yesterday, you were so kind to us, we really appreciated it. I thought you might have a few pangs, but needs must of course. Good luck with the extension and upgrades, you’re in a fantastic location.

      Very best wishes

      Al & Sharon

  5. Anonymous

    Nice one Al, have fun.

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