#LeCercle17 Day27. And now the end is near….,

(2550miles). Here we are then, Calais! Managed to get Mutts through customs, albeit the woman checking his passport grimaced a few times, which caused heart convulsions for the “other half” but in the end he was approved, I’m sure I heard him breathe a sigh of relief.

The last couple of days have really just been a question of marking time, as we waited for our crossing. Two things in the last 12 hours confirms the hols are over. Firstly it rained all last night, secondly I once again have long trousers on!!

All in all, we’ve had a fantastic trip, but this will be our last in the Chucklebus, after four years and two Grandkids, we’ve decided to upgrade to a bigger wagon. Over the next few weeks we will commence the process of selling and later start to source Chucklebus Mk2. Sad to see her go, she’s been brilliantly  reliable, but needs must.

So after nearly a month of traffic-jam free driving, I find myself inwardly bracing for the joys that await me on the M25. I can feel my stress levels rising.  Perhaps I need another holiday?

That is All!


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9 responses to “#LeCercle17 Day27. And now the end is near….,

  1. Haha 😂 love it!! Hope the M25 was/is kind for you!

  2. Teresa Emmerson

    Great blog, enjoyed following your adventures. Look forward to future ones.
    Oh, congratulations Granddad

    • Many thannks Teresa, and for the kind congrats. I’ve had some quite nice feedback from this set of blogs. I will endeavour to keep the blogmachine turning over through the dark months of a British winter!

  3. Gary Hind

    Once again Mate brill sounds a great holiday. Funally enough me and Gill after a great long weekend in Anglesey which we loved with Nathan and his fiancée in a tent and the little one with us, we are looking at the same over the next couple of years. Know what we want but need to confirm what I’m doing at school yet.

  4. Hi there, I’m nominating you for the Liebster Award. I’ll be posting the info on my next blog post. Your blog is funny, I look forward to your posts. No obligation to take part 🙂

  5. Beth Rawlins

    I feel your pain with the M25. We travel miles throughout Europe each summer with very few traffic jams and always laugh as we get off the tunnel or ferry on our return journey and see the 40mph signs flashing on the motorway. It’s almost like a welcome home signal!

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