#LeCercle17 The Bottom Bit. Day 13-18

(1831miles). Dear reader, it’s been quite a few days since our last cosy fireside chat. Firstly 18 days in and internet is now an issue, hence the rationing of these blogs. I just need to have enough allowance to find a vet for Mutts on Friday for his obligatory worming tablet, otherwise we face a fond farewell at customs, Kent. A six month farewell!!!

Over the last few days we’ve been mainly bumming about on cheap aires(motorhome parking areas) in small villages across the Dordogne and into the Bordeaux region. Normally paying about 5-7 Euros per nights it’s a economic way of seeing the country.

We are now on the “up bit” of our adventure, tracking north alongside the Atlantic. With quite a distance still to go, but without the mountainous areas that we navigated over on the eastern side of France.

Yesterday we stayed at a wine producing Chateau. Parked right alongside the vines, it should have only cost 5euros per night, but I hadn’t factored in the cost of the 4 bottles of red I would be shortly buying off the Chateau owner! 38 bucks!! (This is just between us right? For god sake don’t tell the other half). He must have watched me ambling towards him to the sound of till bells ringing in his ears!!

A nce view to wake up to this morning though. The Chateau owner must have put it up in celebration of his good fortune! It should read:

(Sponsored by Motorhomedreamer)

We’d also spent a few days in the Dordogne, very pleasant walking country, and with the van we were able to avoid all the busy campsites and search out the quiet rural backwaters. We are on a whistle stop tour of the exterior of the country, but you could literally spend a month just exploring one or two regions, something we plan on doing in the future.

Currently we are parked up alongside the Gironde estuary marina at Mortagne Sur Gironde. South of Rochforte. A very cool place to spend a couple of nights.

Tonight an air of expectation hangs over the Chucklebus! Chippie tea!! Mutts is nearly wetting himself in anticipation! He’s currently doling out the death stare to every other dog that passes our van!

We are staying here till Tuesday morning then moving further north. We are hoping to visit the port of St Nazaire later this week. I quite fancy having a look at the WW2 submarine pens and scene of a daring British Commando raid in 1942.
So at this point dear reader, as the siren sounds for chicken and chips….

That is All


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10 responses to “#LeCercle17 The Bottom Bit. Day 13-18

  1. Jennifer

    Hi – we stayed here . Up in the town is a slate monument to a welsh man who fought here for the french – a long time ago . . The inscription is in welsh and it is one of the few welsh things you will see in this part of the world . We had to go – well we are welsh . Loved the aire .

  2. Passion France are free stops on many a vineyard – drops the price a bit. I came back with 6 bottles of Cote du Rhone – but then I’ve got BB to supply – and the tasting is great as you’re not driving anywhere afterwards 🤣

  3. Anonymous

    Great place again. You really are staying in lovely spots. And a vineyard into the bargain🍷🍷.Hope the chicken and chips were as good as at home. Enjoy the walks tomorrow. Take care xxx

  4. Anonymous

    Great Blogg Al!! The chicken & chips is real French cuisine!! Boy you have really moved up market, and of course the French mutt, not forgetting the expensive wine.we are impressed with how you are embracing the culture.

    • I have no idea who this is! 🙂 Needless to say i’m adaptable, I now look like a local, and after 3 weeks nearly fluent in the lingo…. Bonjour! Poulet et Frites si’vous plait!!

  5. Got about a bit a bit Al takes a while to do France you had to head north as you got close to us we are an hr North of Pau may be next time buddy, Il get the bar stocked up 🙂 Bon Voyage mes amis

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