#LeCercle17 Les Lobster Anglaise. Day 10-12

(1437miles) Remember the other day when I was whinging about the French weather?  I was right, it was bloody hot….so much so that Daughter No1, my personal weather watcher, sent out the following Code-Red Dad Warning from her London HQ at 1829hrs yesterday!

Is it dead hot over there dad? Saying on the news that Europe is a heatwave!

Very thoughtful, but by then the damage was done! Over the last few days I’d been getting a bit cocky with sun-related issues, I’d even started to take my top off😲. That’s not happened since 2008, but needs must, and by yesterday morning, I was fully convinced I was a local and reached for the factor 15!!! What could possibly go wrong? Now basically in terms of sun protection for my skin, factor 15 is cheap margarine with a tadge of lanolin added in for good measure. I might as well wander about in the desert surrounded by solar mirrors! By the 1829hrs message, I was already lobster pink and regretting that I hadn’t reached for the factor 50, which is my usual weapon of choice. Obviously this was man-sunburn and completely on another level, far more serious than other types, and only top nursing and sympathy will aid my prayed for recovery!

Children and persons of a nervous disposition should leave the room now………………

Look, before you start the heckling from the cheap seats,  in 1980 this was a highly sought after tattoo! I had to go all the way to Kings Cross in downtown Sydney to get it done! On reflection I think the tattooist was drunker than me!

So what have we been doing. Firstly we trundled down to Puy St Martin in the Alpine-Rhone region and stayed on a free aire for two nights. Smack bang in the centre of a small village, with a bar and pizzeria, it ticked all the boxes. By day it was absolutely boiling, by night the ever present mistral wind picked up, which helped circulate the heat, but we kept the van door open for most of the night. 

Hunkered Down

Keeping the Mutts cool was a major task, so he was kept under the shade all day and exercised in the evening.

One extra for dinner ?

This morning(Sunday), we were up with the local cockerel 🐔, van packed and by 7am we were heading down the motorway towards Montpellier with the intention of beating the tourist traffic, heading towards the Riviera. Even at that time of day, the traffic was quite heavy. We then swung north, our original plan to sit by the Med for 24hrs was binned, it was overcast and very windy. So we consoled ourselves by driving over the Millau Bridge, apparently the tallest bridge in the world. When I say “driving” I mean “piloted”  at its highest point it’s over 1000ft….. and it was designed by a Brit!


Now we are based for the night alongside Lac de Paraloupe in the Midi Pyrenees with the intention of slowly heading towards the Dordogne and Bordeaux  tomorrow.

 The suns shining, but it’s definitely more tolerable. We brits and the weather eh!

That is All.


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3 responses to “#LeCercle17 Les Lobster Anglaise. Day 10-12

  1. I thought it WAS dinner. Add chips and glass or 3 of Chateau Neufplonc and the jobs a goodun!

  2. Sam Geary

    From an ex-QA Mr “Motorhomedreamer“. Sunburn is a self inflicted wound & is a chargeable offence!!
    Your stabbed Sir!! See you when you get home.

    • Anonymous

      Here goes hope this reply reaches you. Great places you are getting to see. I love the photos of the bridge. Keep oiut of the sun Allan, looks painful. Safe travels and keep enjoying it all. Xxx

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