#LeCercle17 Le RostBiffs (done nicely)! Day 6-9

(1063 miles) First of all a picture paints!

Each day is now blending into another as we carry on deeper into France. This is a country of huge contrasts, as a Brit I can only admit my burning envy. In one day you can travel from the rooftop of Europe to the Mediterranean, and the transport infrastructure supports it.

Another thing to discuss; the weather! Jeez how hot is it here? I incorrectly surmised that yesterday’s drive along roads snaking through alpine forests would be pleasant and breezy! No such luck, with the outside temp in the mid 30’s a mobile tin can was the last place on earth I needed to be.

Confession Time. I made a fatal error of wearing underpants with my shorts (I’m middle-aged, leave me alone)! Two hours into the drive, I screeched to a halt, staggered out of the driving seat, probably a kg or so lighter than when I climbed in it, shuffled to the back of the ChuckleBus, removed said dripping underpants, sunk a litre of water, climbed back into the seat and carried on the journey!! (Too much detail?). At some point during that interaction I may have also shouted “Laundry” in the direction of the other half!

So whilst I struggled with personal dampness and rapidly falling body-salt levels, the other half and Mutts, hung their heads out of the van windows, like a couple of teenagers riding the Sunday train to Barmouth!

At our destination I emerged from the wet seat in a dreamlike state, light-headed and not smelling too good! I’m slightly nervous about the next leg further south. I might buy a vest!!!

Chappelle Des Bois. A winter ski station in the Haute Jura Region”, we spent two nights here parked upon the ski station car park, for free! We were about 1100metres up and the only downside was the flies that swarmed the area. The weather though was glorious.

On the second day we did a really nice forest walk on the far side of the valley up to St Bernard’s Roche. A very steep climb up, but well worth it

The Start! Bright-eyed and bushy tailed

Not so chipper now!

The reward…..

The other half thought this was a mobile phone mast!! Surely not?

Camping Piat, Brides Les Baines. After the drive from hell we’re located south in the Rhone-Alps Region. The village, so wiki tells me, was one of the Olympic villages for the 1992 Winter Olympics. It’s quite a nice area, known for its thermal waters, great views and enhanced by cheap site fees, which I always like. We’re the token brits in this area, we haven’t seen any others for a few days, so I guess this is off the normal Brit motorhome trail. A small site, run by Fred and Nelly, it’s highly recommended. The village is just a 3 minute walk.

The views

High St, Brides Les Baines

Next? I know, you’ll think I’m crazy, but I’ve half a mind to point the chucklebus towards the Med!! At the moment half of Paris has decamped to the southern French coastline and the place is probably rammed! But I do fancy one pic of the old girl(chucklebus) with the blue waters of the Med as a backdrop. We will drive two hours further south tomorrow, I know not where, and probably make a decision later in the evening.

That is All.


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7 responses to “#LeCercle17 Le RostBiffs (done nicely)! Day 6-9

  1. That looks very similar to my route last autumn – no Brits around then either, great innit?

  2. Debbie Geary

    Really enjoying the blog, looks fabulous, slightly too much detail at one point Al, but it made me laugh!

  3. This is definitely something we aim to do in our Camper! Looks an amazing trip, I love France, but haven’t been for years, I’ve been hearing it’s a bit hot over there 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Could be a slimming aid….some parts certainly took my appetite away! A fun and descriptive read, as ever. Bon chance with the next leg.

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