#LeCercle17 – La Avance! 

(466 miles) We’re here! Chocks were away at 1900hrs yesterday evening from North East Wales, followed by the mother of all drives, finally reaching the Champagne region at 1400hrs today.

Firstly, let me get the initial low-blows in! The barely missed total wipe-out on the A26  between Calais and Reims was entirely the fault of the “Johnny Foreigner” lorry driver!  My use of Alan Partridge leather driving gloves, “ten to two” steering, plus the superior quality of the British driving test saved the day. If anyone whispers anything different, it’s a damn lie!!!  I shall also being increasing the size of the xmas tip to the lads at Moreton Garage, Chirk, who fitted new brake pads 😊, they worked!

Secondly the fact that the ChuckleBus is currently in France, whilst the two pin French hook-up adaptor and spare cable is in our shed at home in no-way implies any fault in my administration! Even the most talented individuals can sometimes let the pressures of command weigh heavily on their shoulders…….sniff, resulting in easily made errors! But I’m not taking the blame on this, rather it’s a shared” experience!

The “Other Half” contemplates that shared experience!

So with that neatly tucked away and forgotten about FOREVER, we are currently at an aire called Mutigny, south of Reims, right in the heart of the champagne region, like Wiltshire, but with wines!

A one night stop here, then moving further east, towards the Alsace Wine Region, where we intend to spend the weekend!

That is All.


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8 responses to “#LeCercle17 – La Avance! 

  1. Sam Geary

    Wow what a start, at least you are all safe!! Onwards & upwards…….

  2. Anonymous

    Hi you two glaf you got there in one piece. Good driving ☺. Hope the rest of your journey is scary free!! Have a threat time. Lol xxx

  3. Stewart walker

    Brilliant Al & Sharon have a great holiday you need to publish a book or be like the Hairy Bikers and get your own show on the Beeb with the Motorhome Dreamer Series maybe a box set in the offing 👍

  4. Anonymous

    👍 good on you mate. Looking forward to the next instalment.

  5. gaydaveow

    Great read, as ever. Bon chance for the remainder of your expedition.

  6. Anonymous

    Hope you both are settled in the new location. Take care mumxxx

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