Warning Order – LeCercle 2017

The detailed planning is done! The obligatory red circles scribbled on a map…..It’s France, don’t ask me what the route is other than the mantra “clockwise” I will be mainly “Blagging for Britain.” We have a tunnel ticket, an out and return date, and loads of foolish optimism. We’ve stocked up on the essentials for life, a fridge full of food, beer, wine, a few maps, a pencil sharpened at both ends for my navigator, and a big bag of patience for me when things related to maps start to go wrong! Launch date is the 25th! Hold on tight, it’s going to be a blast!

That is all!



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4 responses to “Warning Order – LeCercle 2017

  1. Huge place, I guess we will barely touch the sides. On the road for a month! 🙂

  2. Fred Chase

    Hi there,
    Just found your blog through Motorhome Fun article. Had a quick read of your article on your tour around Le Hexegon (France) and thought this has got to be written by an ex-military person and, sure enough, I found the connections. A really good blog matey, keep it coming. Fred Chase, ex-RN, living in SW France and driving an Adria Coral Access SL 670.

    • Many thanks Fred, your comments are really appreciated. Yup..a pongo I’m afraid, you’ll find a few reference points as you trawl through 🙂 Have you done the Cemetery near St Nazaire? There’s a number of RN guys interred from that raid. (See Day 19-23). Thanks Again. Al

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