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#LeCercle17  The Alsace Region. Day 2-5

(7434 miles) After our previously documented woes, I’m pleased to report everything aboard the ChuckleBus is  “très bien”. We are now the proud owners of a new french hook-up adaptor (I now own two!) and the other half has stopped communicating with me via post-it notes and has rediscovered the power of speech!  Now where were we? ………. ah yes, we spent the second night at a small village called Fortenoy-la-Joute, south east of the city of Nancy, parked up on a free site(aire). The village is apparently famed for its numerous book shops and ancient chapel perched at the top of the village. 

The Chapel of St Pierre

Next morning we were off, heading further east towards Vosges Montains and the Alsace Wine Region that lay beyond.  The route involved driving through the “Tunnel Maurice-Lemaire” which cuts out the option of driving over the mountain pass or going the long way round! At 7kms in length, I became all “Philip May” and unilaterally declared this was a driving job for boys!! Donning the now famous “Partridge” gloves, giving my specs a final spit and a wipe, we entered!

The Entering!

Certainly it was in better nick than most of our tunnels, I also noted the 100m distance between vehicles! As a confirmed lover of queues and anything else involving rules, I was in my element, not 99 or 101, but 100ms all the way through. The tunnel was pretty much empty, so I had to break the speed limit to catch a vehicle so I could apply the 100m rule!! 

Funny isn’t it? I have a mate called Jaymo, now he’s a complete rule breaker, he’s the type of guy you would want leading the revolution, and he’d be damned good at it…… but after that he would get quickly bored, then you’d need hordes of mini-me’s, knuckling down to the application of the rules!!! I loves a good rule ❤️

Speeding to find another vehicle!

Anyhow, after popping out the other side we got our first glimpse of the Alsace. My first thoughts “Germany” It looks like it’s been picked up by a spaceship from the Moselle Valley and plonked here, Germanic style villages, with chocolate box churches. The place names a mixture of German and French. Our first night was spent in the lovely medieval town of Ribeauville……

The Butchers Tower

Here we had our first Tart de Flambé, which is basically a ultra thin crust pizza, smothered in creme fresh rather than mozzarella, then adorned with the “usual suspect” pizza toppings. Well tidy!

Next day we moved further south along the wine route, and are currently on our second day at another beautifully preserved medieval town of Turckheim (see what I mean about the germanic influence?) Staying on municipal site called Camping Medieval, the price includes the obligatory Storks, which abound the site and are quite pleasant to have around.

One for the Daughters!


This morning we went for a leg stretch on the vineyard covered slopes above the town, in 30c + temps, it was nice to get into the shade of the woods.

The “Other Half” beasting the Mutts


Tomorrow we move on. At this stage we have no idea where, only that it will be further south. See you on the other side!

That is All.


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#LeCercle17 – La Avance! 

(466 miles) We’re here! Chocks were away at 1900hrs yesterday evening from North East Wales, followed by the mother of all drives, finally reaching the Champagne region at 1400hrs today.

Firstly, let me get the initial low-blows in! The barely missed total wipe-out on the A26  between Calais and Reims was entirely the fault of the “Johnny Foreigner” lorry driver!  My use of Alan Partridge leather driving gloves, “ten to two” steering, plus the superior quality of the British driving test saved the day. If anyone whispers anything different, it’s a damn lie!!!  I shall also being increasing the size of the xmas tip to the lads at Moreton Garage, Chirk, who fitted new brake pads 😊, they worked!

Secondly the fact that the ChuckleBus is currently in France, whilst the two pin French hook-up adaptor and spare cable is in our shed at home in no-way implies any fault in my administration! Even the most talented individuals can sometimes let the pressures of command weigh heavily on their shoulders…….sniff, resulting in easily made errors! But I’m not taking the blame on this, rather it’s a shared” experience!

The “Other Half” contemplates that shared experience!

So with that neatly tucked away and forgotten about FOREVER, we are currently at an aire called Mutigny, south of Reims, right in the heart of the champagne region, like Wiltshire, but with wines!

A one night stop here, then moving further east, towards the Alsace Wine Region, where we intend to spend the weekend!

That is All.


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Warning Order – LeCercle 2017

The detailed planning is done! The obligatory red circles scribbled on a map…..It’s France, don’t ask me what the route is other than the mantra “clockwise” I will be mainly “Blagging for Britain.” We have a tunnel ticket, an out and return date, and loads of foolish optimism. We’ve stocked up on the essentials for life, a fridge full of food, beer, wine, a few maps, a pencil sharpened at both ends for my navigator, and a big bag of patience for me when things related to maps start to go wrong! Launch date is the 25th! Hold on tight, it’s going to be a blast!

That is all!



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