All Aboard The Chucklebus 2017

Our first venture for 2017, a run south into the depths of Mid Wales. It’s been a while since our last blog, (hangs head in shame) the one thing you can say about me… “He’s reliably unreliable.” But hey, who cares, live life to the full and enjoy…..Cue Grandson …


So anyway, back to the business in hand…Mid Wales, and here we are at the Old Station Caravan Park, at New Radnor, Powys, north east of Llandrindod Wells, just off the A44. A fairly easy drive down from north east Wales, taking just over 2 hours with stops. Taking us through Churchstoke, Chirbury, Clun, Knighton, a pleasant meander through towns and villages well off the beaten track.

The site itself is a mixture of a small number of statics, space for a few tourers, plus a holiday cottage. The touring area is quite small, but the site offers full facilities and has some brilliant walks directly from the site (These involve hills!) The site also has its own tearoom, which opens early March. We like this place for an out of season jaunt, only us and another van here….I suspect they don’t have any issues filling the site during the high season, but on a mid Feb day, with drizzly, misty weather, we’re kings of the castle and very happy with our lot.


Yesterday and today we’ve done a couple of walks, today we wandered into the village of New Radnor, passing a prominant memorial topped with a cross to a local bigwig from the 1800’s …Baronet Cornwallis or similar. Sadly the local pub is closed, which is a great shame. The village is lovely, it has a small local shop, but the loss of the pub was probably quite a blow. The village is dominated by New Radnor Forest, with burial sites, an ancient church, castle mounds….on a good day, what’s not to like. The campsite owners have local guide sheets available for visitors.

rad 1.jpg

Spot the Chucklebus

Actually….just noticed on Rightmove, the campsite is up for sale!!!


The “Other Half” taking in her quota of vodka…she never shares! See the flask! I’m going to review that….Its changed my life!!!



The village of New Radnor


Finally some #muttsporn

The dogs been quite a good lad on this trip, his 5th year of travelling. He’s bigger and stronger, but sticks to us like glue…odd squirrel or rabbit allowing..obvs. He absolutely loves the van, and is quite happy to slip into “Van Routine” at the drop of hat, I’m sure other van owners have similar experiences. He melts our hearts everytime we look at him, except when he’s not so well behaved…(read “Cats Bells, Hells Bells”)

Back to baseloc on thurs, tomorrow a short walk, to have a look at a couple of areas close by to the village, including the local church…Rock n Roll!!

That is all.


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7 responses to “All Aboard The Chucklebus 2017

  1. Got any long trips in mind?

  2. Anonymous

    Sounds great Al, was it a boots or wellies trip?

  3. Ian k

    Missed ur reports lad….. great to hear you are both well.
    Nothing to report down here, ava now started school, adam playing mens rugby now 17, plus learning to drive, ann now head of yr, and i am busy (too busy) but hoping spring is close so can get bike out of shed. Spk soon cpl.

  4. Our two slip into van mode quite easily as soon as we wind the legs down

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