Chippie Van Hell – CampTramps2016

Right, sitrep!

We’ve had a good couple of days at Sneaton Moor, up on the N Yorks Moor at the CC main site. We took the opportunity to get some walking in, with some great bimbles straight from the site. Again a deserted area, unusual for a National Park, on a decent day in the middle of August, not something you’d often experience in Snowdonia. We mooched along some really nice paths through the Newton House Plantation, even Mutts seemed happy.





Called Fly Agaric – Referring to its use in parts of Europe as an insecticide, crushed in milk for attracting and killing flies. Also good for “tripping” apparently!

On a high we meandered back to the site…now earlier the Other Half had noticed Saturday was chippie van night!…So full of bonhomie and “hail fair fellow” in anticipation of chippie tea, we duly gathered in the chucklebus at the nationally appointed time of 6pm…..with me and mutts then pushing the other half out of the van, clutching a £20 note to her bosom, with just my voice echoing in her wake…” Don’t forget the curry sauuuuuuuuuce”, myself and mutts settled ourselves down in the chucklebus to await the potato pleasures! Five minutes later, the Other Half staggers back to the van, like she’s just witnessed a car-crash “Whats up my sweet?” I ask. With tears in her eyes, she announces that the chippie van isn’t due to arrive until 8.15pm, finishing at 8.45!!  “WHAT” I cried, “I can’t eat chippie tea after 8pm, I haven’t even had a drink, I’m sober, it’s just not right. How could they!” as I switched my anger to the Caravan Club, bloody pompous admirals, in their flannel blazers, “Eight bloody fifteen…`i’ll be dead by then”

We wept together that night, all three of us, this hardship only further cementing the family bond. We later consoled ourselves with “Chicken Surprise” and a warm can of stella.

Mutts displaying dignity in adversity. The Night the Chippie Van was cancelled!

Mutts displaying dignity in adversity. The Night the Chippie Van was cancelled!

That won’t happen again on this trip….we’ve moved on and are now parked at a Pub that serves meals.
Peace Brother!

That is all


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