Hols at Hull – #CampTramps2016

Yep, you read it right…HULL, we’ve been staying here for the last few days, well just south of the city, on the southern bank of the Humber at a lovely little Caravan Club CL called Roxton, a mile or so from Barton Upon Humber. As we look across the Humber towards Hull, the Bridge is to the west(left) of us!



Roxton CL

Roxton CL

The Roxton site is very quiet, basic facilities in a peaceful garden setting, in fact it is actually someones garden! EHU, lots of greenery, all topped off with a victorian potting shed converted into a loo….My life’s complete. Did I mention the bloody wood pigeons? No?….Cooing away every morning at 5am….In the end I woke the other half, so she could hear them! I was close to deploying her to throw stones at them(she likes to do that, not at animals in particular…just things!), but I eventually decided to leave them alone…Down girl, back in the van!

The Humber looking towards the North Sea

The Humber looking towards the North Sea

The southern bank of the Humber has been developed to support and encourage wildlife, now that the heavy industry has declined. This is enhanced by Spurn Point, that juts out of the Northern bank and is a desgnated bird sanctuary. It feels very dutch, or similar to parts of the Baltic coast with the high man-made dyke that contours along the river bank, heading towards the North Sea, with the Waters Edge Visitors Centre at the western end. From the dyke, heading inland are miles of footpaths taking you off the beaten track. It’s a dogwalkers paradise and very flat and underused. Over the two days of walking we’ve passed maybe 20 people on the river bank, so for the middle of August, a very quiet peaceful area. I would recommend a 1:25,000 OS map, to enable you to pick up the myriad of footpaths that criss cross the area.

The Humber Bridge

The Humber Bridge

Likewise, if you’re into sailing, fishing etc, there are a few lakes, dotted along the bank that offer those facilities. There is also a local train service that follows the Humber, should you feel the need to travel further afield to the outlying towns and villages.

So today, we’ve upped sticks and are now parked up on a quite windy East Yorks coastline at Barmston……showers…yaaaaay! More to follow.

That is all.

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