Dolgadfan CL – Near Llanbrynmair

We’ve just had an excellent four nights, nestled away on a little farm campsite called Dolgadfan at Bont Dolgadfan, a few miles south of Llanbrynmair. This is one of the outlying villages of the larger town of Machynlleth, Mid Wales   Dolgadfan CL

The ChuckleBus looked quite the “Bobby Dazzler” parked up here, with his new Pirelli tyres that had been fitted in the spring, after an “incident” at Wern Ddu campsite near Abergavenny. When back in March,  the “Tractor of Shame” had to be summoned to tow us off the campsite to the sound of light applause! Hence the new tyres.

Anyway, I digress. The site, it’s a working farm, run by Gwenda and her son Brychan and a fine place it is too. For us, three elements were attractive. Firstly the location, we’ve always fancied a bit of walking in area of Mid Wales between Newtown and Machynlleth, this spot is not to far from where we live and very picturesque. Secondly, you can access the hill walks directly off the site, we don’t want to be faffing about with 3 mile road walks just to get to the first footpath…I’m nearly fifty five for gods sake, times running out, lets get on with it!

Finally, the site had a shower/toilet, with underfloor heating, which is a bonus for a CL. A nice hot shower after a hard day in the hills, i’ll have some of that please.

Right, lets set the scene…The arrow marks the spot!….told you it was “nestled”

Dol 1.JPG

Dol 3

Dolgadfan Farm


The Site

Facilities wise, it suited our needs. The toilet and shower cubicle were one of the best we’d encountered on a CL, they were immaculate, no coin slots and fitted with underfloor heating! Visitors have a choice of hard or grassed pitches, all with EHU, plus water points dotted around. Also plenty of areas to walk the Mutt…..Remember him?

Comms: The digital signal is variable, on some pitches you can pick up freeview, but not all. NO DAB, but we have an FM radio as back up, so no issues there. I could pick up a 3 network signal on the MIFI and phone so we had some internet and could make/receive calls. Of course, once you climb out of the valley, most of the major phone networks click in. So my advice if you need entertainment for the evenings, load up your kindle and chuck in a box set. We did lots of both, which made for a really relaxing stay.

Did I mention with the dog, £16 pn. Happy with that.

Bit of an embarrassing incident on day two! The couple in the next van overheard me singing in the campsite shower “Dressed for Success” by Roxette, without accompanying music! Ewwwww: Songs not to sing in the Campsite Shower

The Walks: You’re spoilt for choice really, over to the west you can quickly get up onto Mynydd Ty’r Sais, to the east you have Newydd Fynyddog, with the wind farms beyond. You can make the walks as hard or easy as you like, the one guarantee is the up-hill bit when you leave the campsite, but that’s part of the fun (so I tell the other half!) Most of the walking routes are well marked by Powys CC. Just be aware some of the map marked routes are deviated sometimes by the council to bypass shall we say “less” welcoming farmers, just one or two in this general area. Overall though a great place to hike. Look out for the groups of Red Kites that congregate in this area, as you climb onto the higher ground you will see lots of them overhead, amazing looking birds.

Dol 4


Dol 5

Sheep! But look at the panorama


A Red Kite overhead

This site would be a brilliant location for friends to gather in the holidays, maybe Xmas/New Year or similar. You have the hard standing pitches, a decent toilet/shower with underfloor heating and walks directly from the site. Yep, we liked this place and we’re going to re-visit.

That is all.


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3 responses to “Dolgadfan CL – Near Llanbrynmair

  1. Ian Kelsey

    Missed your reports lad, good to hear all is well, give our regards to better half please.
    Catch up soon….

  2. Glad you’re back.
    That looks like a good site – I have duly noted.

  3. I like the look of this site also added to my list thanks

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