#DeutscheBimble15 – Cows with Bells! and other Trivia.

Days 9-12 Stettin – Oberstdorf

1091 Miles

After departing Hinterholz, we drove south to Meersberg, which is on the shore of Lake Constance, the area was absolutely “rammed” with pesky tourists! so we continued on for a few kilometres, finally getting a spot at Stettin, a “Nothing much to write home about” sort of place. So we stayed a night, and then moved swiftly on the next morning.

Our next port of call was Oberstdorf, deep in Southern Bavaria, just a few kilometres from the Austrian border. This was more like it, and vaguely familiar! It turns out I was here in 1982, doing a spot of military skiing, I don’t remember much about that alcohol-fueled fortnight, other than an incident in a Bavarian cellar bar, involving a wall-mounted red plastic lobster, the loss of my Harrington jacket and along with my mate Gags, barely escaping the cellar bar (called the Aquarius”) with our lives, albeit battered andbruised….ahhh happy days!  Anyway, I’m now assuming the bar is long gone, along with the local Chief of Police, and my Harrington! So we decided to park up at Camp Rubi and have three nights in this glorious place.

Camp Rubi

Camp Rubi

The site is nestled below the Nebelhorn, which is some 2224 metres in height and a mecca for parascending.


Fortunately the ever-efficient Germans have laid on a cable car, so that lazy good for nothing Brits, can get to the top of the mountain without breaking into a sweat…”I’ll have some of that” I cried.  So on an overcast early Saturday morning with sandwiches and wet proofs packed, Me, the Other Half and Mutts the dog, made our way to the Nebelhorn Bahnhof. With a steely determination, that makes the British famous the world over….We would get our cable car ticket, we would ride that cable car, and we would get to the summit of Nebelhorn at 2.224metres! (I’m filling up with pride as I pen this).

 Eine Problem! The Mutts had to wear a muzzle in the cable car, which the ticket office, with an eye on profit also sold! To say the Mutts was not happy was probably an understatement. Looking a little like Hannibal Lector, he whined, he howled, he pawed at his face…errrm #embarrassing. I suspect Mutts was doing other things when they were handing out British “Stiff upper lips” at Dover on the outward-trip.

A nice chianti……..

A nice chianti……..

So after a stiff talking too, threats of violence, pleading, and bribery we managed to drag him onto the cable car.  This routine continued at the next two stops, until we finally made it to the summit, which would have been quite a pleasant ride, if we’d have been lacking a certain dog! 


In between

In between “Dog Wrestling” a snatched shot from the cable car.

We’d started the journey at the bottom “ala brit” union jack shorts, cut off tee-shirts, flip-flops, you know the routine. The type of stuff you can see on any British mountain on any given weekend of the year. By the time we had reached the top, the summer kit was away and we were fully gore-texed, because unlike the base of the mountain, it was raining sideways at the top.

IMG_2705 IMG_2710

We then started the walk down, which took a couple of hours. A really enjoyable walk, along quite steep tracks, in the rain, until we dropped below the cloud base and could really enjoy the alpine views. Brilliant. Even the dog enjoyed it.


1970’s German Tourism Poster

Oh! Another bucket list item ticked off….Cows with bells!

A cow…with a bell!

A cow…with a bell!

This afternoon, we’ve been invited to an old army buddy’s house a couple of Km’s outside of the town, for a couple of beers and a bite to eat. Should be be good.

Next? Maybe a bit of the “Romantic Strasse” from Fussen – Augsburg…. basically heading up towards Munich.  We move on tomorrow morning, Monday.

That is all.


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6 responses to “#DeutscheBimble15 – Cows with Bells! and other Trivia.

  1. Do the heights of your intrepidity (yeah, I made it up) know no bounds? Hope Mutts has recovered from any embarrassment …

  2. Anonymous

    Very exciting trip so far. Felt sorry for Muttley having to wear that muzzle
    . Enjoy and take care travelling on xxx

  3. Baxterbus

    Wow, so not showing Iain this as will want to go up that cable car thing – made me feel wobbly just looking at photos!

    • It’s a great place, the campsite gave us a joint ticket for the cable car at €30 which saved over 50% on the gate price. We moved on today, drove for 45 mins and are now at a mountainside campsite near Trannheim in Austria….beautiful

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