#DeutscheBimble15 – I Ain’t Getting Wet!

The Route From the Moselle

The Route From the Moselle

Day 6 Bremm – Neustadt

815 Miles

Today started off with the best of intentions, we would spend another 24hrs in the Moselle, just one more night! This time we planned to move to Wintrich, which we quite fancied as the campsite was right on the banks of the river…problem was, it was raining…heavily. Now don’t get me wrong, the Moselle is pretty impressive by anyones standard, but when it’s raining, I might as well be stuck in a hole on Senneybridge…been there, done it, got the tee-shirt. So after a quick discussion with the “Other Half”, we decided to say auf wiedersehen to the Moselle and make tracks further south to Neustadt and hopefully better weather, which would also put us closer to our goal of reaching the Black Forest. Much better to be moving with a purpose, than static and staring out of the van window at a rainswept valley….we can do that at home!

As we drove further down the Moselle, it was clear the Germans had “Capital Projects” spilling out of their ears. Bridge building, new roads, general improvements, all designed to support what is effectively a string of villages, supporting a huge drinks and tourism industry. It made me feel as a Brit, fairly inadequate. We just don’t seem to have the will or desire at a political level to get things like this done. If the Germans managed the Lake District, or the North Wales Coast, the transport infrastructure would be very different. The picture below is a bridge, being inserted across the valley, to improve on an existing bridge, that supports a large village…..that’s it! It’s huge and shows a level of commitment that we seem to lack.  Bloody Germans! 🙂

A little bit of bridge building

A little bit of bridge building

Another thing I discovered on todays run…German FM Radio…Oh!! I was in heaven…I found a nationwide station where every track is a classic. No adverts either…Here’s a selection, which those of a certain age or style will appreciate:

Winds of Change – Europe

Who’s got the Look – Roxette

Stairway to Heaven – Led Zep

Hotel California – Eagles

Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Tears for Fears

Never Can Say Goodbye – Gloria Gaynor

Basically it was my entire apple music collection….who wouldn’t want to drive to that?  The “Other Half” had a face like fury, she still thinks she’s 15yrs old and is into Taylor Swift/Rihanna/Mumford & Sons and suchlike. There wasn’t a song I never sang the lyrics too over the period of the 3hour drive…a marvellous day…..For me!

So now it’s a another winery in another Stadt. This time “Weingut Schafer, a peaceful location, just a couple of kms outside of Neustadt. Tomorrow we’re planning to head to Baden-Baden and start the Black Forest stage.


The entrance


The view from the Chucklebus

German FM Update. They’ve just played “Disco Duck!”  Big Thumbs up!

That is all


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2 responses to “#DeutscheBimble15 – I Ain’t Getting Wet!

  1. Black Tower and Black Forest Gateau … 😊

  2. contrary to popular belief…..Black Tower is not a desirable wine in Germany [shock horror ;)] I’d never heard of it until I moved to the UK?!As for German efficiency….too bloody efficient for my liking 😉 There is nothing quite like the quintessential British charm 😉

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