#DeutscheBimble15 – The Countdown

The most eagerly awaited event in our annual calendar is nearly upon us. ! Last year we wetted our appetite for foreign jaunts with our #LeGrandeTour14. This year, in a few short days, we”ll be heading into the heart of Germany on #DeutscheBimble15. Hoping to get leathered on cheap wine in the Moselle Valley, stuff ourselves silly in the Black Forest on ham or cake(I’m a brit, I assume that’s what the area is famous for?), get lobster red on the shores of Lake Constance and finally some alpine meanderings before heading north back to Calais and whatever fun awaits us there. (The “other half” is polishing her hockey stick and practising her swing as I write!) 

I have a route in my head…sort off. But nothing booked other than the tunnel….seat of your pants stuff, that’s what keeps the blood flowing old boy; What could possibly go wrong!

To be continued…………..

That is all.


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7 responses to “#DeutscheBimble15 – The Countdown

  1. Baxterbus

    have fun, sure that the gateau is the staple diet for breakfast, lunch and tea – hope so 🙂

  2. DaveOwen

    Sounds like a fantastic sojourn. Your posts are a most enjoyable read….loved the one about finding a close to home bolt hole. Have a great time and maybe a book of your collected Blog posts down stream?

  3. Liking the sound of wine(s) and gateau(x). Have a great trip.

  4. Looking forward to following this, we are planning to follow your footsteps next summer 🙂

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