I’m Sorry. We Missed You. We’re Back – Derwent Water

Hello…Anyone out there?

I know, it’s been a while, but the winter is now over, and the smell of summer is just a couple of months around the corner.


New Job – Still semi-retired, but the new one is slightly more interesting than the previous time-filler, which involved lining up yoghurts on the Tesco Dairy Aisle.

New “Other Half”…NO! I’m joking, she’s still serving a life sentence with me, with no parole for good behaviour.

New Addition – Daughter No2 presented us with our first Grandson in January. A very special boy.

Dog – No change, slightly bigger, just as crafty, he now gazes at me with a look of entitlement, which of course I bend to! Have a treat Mutts? Don’t mind if I do! …pat, pat, pat.

Anyway here we go. Today we rolled into Borrowdale CC alongside Derwent Water in the Lake District south of Keswick. This is our first trip into the heart of the Lakes. The campsite is very secluded and sheltered, it’s very nicely laid out. No toilet facilities here so “The Other Half” is sat on the back step, oiling her shovel! The Wardens are very friendly and everything is relaxed but well-ordered, which suits me.


Borrowdale CC marked by the discreet blue arrow!

Later this afternoon, I took the Mutts for his constitutional, walking along a wooden boardwalk which crosses Great Bay east towards Hoggs Earth.

Towards Keswick

Looking North in the direction of Keswick


Tomorrow we are planning a little stroll up to “Cats Bells” which overlooks our site and Derwent Water. Fingers crossed for decent weather, today’s effort brought a new meaning to “April Showers.”

That is all.


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9 responses to “I’m Sorry. We Missed You. We’re Back – Derwent Water

  1. Why the apology? Great to have you back. Congratulations on grandparenthood – grandsons are marvellous

    • creatures!
      (Don’t know what happened there)
      I shall be noting your lake district experience as it’s somewhere on my list of “to visit”. I’m off for a little spin to the Benelux area on Sat.
      Keep blogging.

      • Thanks Maggie, it’s our first look at the inside of the area…last year we did the West Coast up alongside the Solway Firth. TBH the CC sites are expensive, but it’s Easter W/E, and this was a late call, so beggars can’t be choosers. Much rather a CL or CS type site. But I have to say, this is pretty nice. 🙂

        Enjoy Benelux….are you doing Brugge?

      • Following a circular tour of WW1 and 2 sites with a side trip to the Dutch bulbfields. Depends on how timing goes, I’m hoping to have at least one night in Brugge, I think it might have been you that put me on to the site there.
        Enjoy your break.

  2. We quite enjoyed a brief visit to “Pont Du Hoc”. Although an American operation on the morning of D-Day, it was supported by the British in key aspects. It’s also very easy for a casual observer to understand the difficulties they faced, which involved scaling a cliff-face under fire, from a landing craft, then subduing the gun position at the top of the cliff. Have a great trip.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Al, yes have missed your posts as my wanderlust and love of the simple life is fullfilled through your stories. Know the Lakes well, best mate from Rhos lives in Ireby and has a business in Keswick so we are often up there.
    Where you working now then?
    Ruby still got the jitters over big hairy dopey dogs in case she gets locked in in the garage again.
    Might be coming up N wales to see folks in Penrhyn Bay late May so will let you know, hopefully can grab a pint.
    Cycling has started again in earnest but still a little cold and damp, have a crazy dream to cycle from Paris to Biaritz this summer but we’ll see!
    Speak soon my old mukka.

  4. You must have been in that van holding me up on my way to work. I must have driven past you twice today so I would come and stalk you but we are up in Glencoe getting some end of season skiing in (or falling I should say). Nice to have you back!

  5. What! People actually ski…in Glencoe! In April?
    I was the 60mph buffoon in the middle lane from Warrington to Penrith…All the lorry drivers were waving!

  6. Baxterbus

    Happy holidays, hope you have a brilliant weekend

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