6 Weeks in 2 Mins

Lots to catch up on. Its about 6 weeks since we’ve returned from France. During the intervening period, we’ve ventured away on 4 x trips in the Chucklebus.

Firstly we headed over to an old favourite at Elan Oaks, with the Princess of Ponciau and her Consort, previously blogged on here and visited three times in the last 6 months…nuff said?

“Bizarre Conversation Alert” Whilst chewing the fat with other campers in the local drinking hole, The Elan Hotel, we had a great chat with a couple from Gloucester, during the evening he told us he was formerly Fred + Rosemary Wests paperboy..at Cromwell St! Now that was a conversation stopper, rapidly followed by an avalanche of questions from everyone within earshot in the bar (for our overseas friends….google them!).

Next up on the travel list was the Long Mynds at Church Stretton, Shropshire. We pitched up in a field in the isolated village of Wentnor. Following on from our experiences in France we chose a site without hook up for two nights….Proper basic, sloping and quite bumpy, but a great location and only £8pn.


We had a fantastic walk up to the Glider Station on top of the Long Mynds, on a clear day the views are stunning.

The Mutts surveying his manor!

The Mutts surveying his manor!

Baked Goods Stand Off - With a glorious backdrop

Baked Goods Stand Off – With a glorious backdrop

The village, although quite isolated, is well served by two pubs, both serving food. It’s really nice place to spend a couple of days, with well maintained styes and footpaths giving you easy access to the Long Mynds. This weekend confirmed to us the advantages of staying “Off-Grid”, we are learning slowly how to manage our power reserves and we’ve had some excellent advice from the members of the Auto Sleepers Owners Forum:  http://www.autosleeper-ownersforum.com  One useful purchase was a Power Bank. Its about the size of a large mobile phone and when fully charged, holds enough juice to charge up an iphone about 7 times. Other than that we are reliant on the 120amp leisure battery.

A couple of weeks later we met up with some friends for our first taste of Wild Camping. We selected a spot on the Clwyd Trail which is a few miles north of Mold in North East Wales. Parking up at Penycloddiau car park, which is owned by the Forestry Commission. This was good place to base ourselves as it allowed direct access to the summits of Penycloddiau and Moel Y Parc on the northern side and to the south, Moel Arthur:

The area

The area


The Wild Camping spot…Penycloddiau Carpark

So arriving on the Saturday afternoon we enjoyed a good walk over Penycloddiau and Moel Y Parc. Lots of areas where we could let the dogs off the lead, a good job as our friends Babs and Ritchie had 3 x collies in tow.

Spot the cuckoo in the nest!

Spot the cuckoo in the nest!

Just passing by!

Just passing by!

On the Saturday night, other than a couple of “Toking Smokers” who rolled into the carpark at about 10pm, we had the location to ourselves. Next morning after a decent breakfast, we departed the van again, this time to complete a short burst up Moel Arthur.

On the top!

On the top!

On the top of Moel Arthur, Babs a talented photographer kindly took a few snaps of the Mutts. Impressive results don’t you think?….

His Majesty!

His Majesty!

So to sum up the “Wild Camping”, we loved it and it will definitely be something we plan on doing more of during the next 12 months. I’m already scoping out a few locations in Snowdonia where we can park and make use of the fantastic walking, some are so remote I can’t really see a problem. As with any activity like this, “Time spent on recce is time seldom wasted“. So watch this space!

….and finally this weekend we have based ourselves a good few miles west of Welshpool near the village of Llanerfyl, on a small site called Rhos Y Gallt : http://www.rhosygallt.co.uk  Its a very quiet, underused facility. At £15, it offers full EHU and tidy toilet/shower/fridge etc. The shower is charged at £1 per 5 mins.  Mobile and TV signal…so we don’t need much more. A great choice for a frosty winter weekend.

It is so quiet!


Today we went off for a walk, plenty of footpaths criss crossing the farmland so an enjoyable few hours. An OS map/app is a must as some of the paths are not obvious.

Rickety Bridge Crossing Drills. (you go over first love, I'll take the picture!) …Bless her, suckered everytime.

Rickety Bridge Crossing Drills. (you go over first love, I’ll take the picture!) …Bless her, suckered everytime.

The View

The View

So tonight….an overdose of Strictly(I know, i’m definitely middle-aged and loving it) and our latest HBO download “Newsroom” with a side dish of pie, mushy peas, gravy and beer. Proper Bo!

That is all.

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