#LeGrandeTour2014 – Day 1: Le Crossing

Whatever possessed me to book a 0720hrs crossing on the Euro Tunnel? At 0400hrs this morning the alarm went off and we spent the next half hour glumly in a field somewhere in Kent packing the van away. Even the Mutt showed a complete lack of interest and slept through.

An hour later we were parked up at Euro Tunnel, feeling much happier, we even spoke! Tea?… yes please! The book-in procedure at the tunnel was simple and swift…A quick pensioners nap in the back of the Chucklebus, as we crossed and 30mins later we were there, emerging into a bright sunny morning at Calais. (keep right, keep right…)

The Train!

We have decided to stay off the toll roads and motorways as much as possible, so that we get to see more of the country. So leaving the port we picked up the D940 and started threading our way south along the coast. The road was fairly quiet and offered great views as we trundled along. The biggest difference between the countryside here in Northern France and the Kent Countryside we’d just left? Both stunning, but France wins hands down, because of the complete lack of electricity pylons dominating and ruining the landscape. The French place them below ground here, perhaps that something we should be pushing in our own country. It makes such a difference to the outlook, it also means a more reliable power supply during bad weather!

We stopped at Cap Gris Nez for an hour. This headland that juts out into the English Channel, is the closest point to Dover at just over 21 Miles. The German fortifications from WW2 clearly evident, an interesting place to visit. It was a beautifully clear day and we could easily see the white cliffs of Dover.




By now, some 5 hours since reveille, the dog was now finally communicating us, deciding to forgive us for the early start, so he happily posed for a picture with “L’autre moitié”

"L'autre moitié" and Muttley

“L’autre moitié” and Muttley

We then drove a few further miles along the coast until we reached the small seaside town of Wimereux. A pleasant place, it reminds me a little of the English seaside resorts, along the east coast.


Worth a stop over. The town has a vets, so we may stop here on the return, to get the dog paperwork sorted before travelling back through the tunnel

We are currently pitched up over night at the municipal camping site called Municipal L’Olympic. The site filled up quickly and by this afternoon was full. We will need to bear that in mind as we move day to day.


Staying here allows us to play catch up with our admin having spent five days in the van already, shower/laundry etc. This afternoon we popped down to the local plage…(No Dogs allowed…Mutts not impressed)

"Le autre moitié" on Wimereux Plage giving someone on the Kent Coast the "Your Dead" look!

“Le autre moitié” on Wimereux Plage giving someone on the Kent Coast the “Your Dead” look!

Writing to her Mother, telling her all about me!!!

Writing to her Mother, telling her all about me!!!

Oh Yes, we also ate cakes! Freshly baked at a nearby boulangerie.

The Cake!

The Cake!

C’est tout


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2 responses to “#LeGrandeTour2014 – Day 1: Le Crossing

  1. Anonymous

    Hello Al, Have fun and remember the French drive on the wrong side of the road.Take care.R B D

  2. So interesting to see the inside of “le train”. Hopefully I will be following in your footsteps in a few weeks. Maybe we’ll pass! A tout a l’heure 🙂

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