#Legrandetour2014 (or turn right at Calais)

After a tough few weeks, with some welcome news at the end of it, we are finally getting ready to start this years chucklebus tour. Originally planned as a “Spritze” across Germany, this has had to be re-thought due to a family illness. Instead, this year we’re going to hit the Channel Tunnel and shag a right at Calais, as we embark on #LeGrandeTour2014.


We have no idea where we are bound for, the only planning thus far is:

  1. Travel to Romney Marsh, Kent tomorrow morning Sat 26th Jul. Staying close to the tunnel on a CL called “The Spinney” near Aldington, Ashford, before making the crossing on Wed 30th!
  2. We need to be at Calais for Sat  16 Aug….With the Mutts fully wormed up, ready to travel back that morning.

Thats it…We’re going to make the rest of it up as we go along! Fun fun FUN.

C’est tout


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4 responses to “#Legrandetour2014 (or turn right at Calais)

  1. Sandra

    We head out later in the year so will be avidly reading for some tips and campsites – have fun

  2. A big step for us Sandra….Not done any overseas stuff in the van. I’m a military man, I like plans and stuff..The Aires are all a bit hit n miss…This is the unknown! lol

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