The Breidden Hills – Shropshire/Montgomeryshire Border

A wet days walking up the Breiddens, on the Shropshire/Montgomery border. Middletown Hill is allegedly were the Ancient Britons took a last stand against the Roman Conquest.



We never have British battles in nice places…, somewhere sheltered, no sideways rain, wind and mud….

Lets have a fight…Where?… Oh! errrmmmm…at the top of that exposed, bare-arsed hill!!!!


The summit of Middletown Hill

We are parked up on a small holding CL called Mountain View at Builthy, halfway between Shrewsbury and Welshpool.


Grass only pitches, but with EHU/Grey/Fresh. very quiet, with virtually no passing traffic and very well organised by the owner Peter and his wife. Its rained all weekend, so we think we will return in a few weeks and enjoy it when the sun is out. Excellent TV/Mob phone signal….Plus WIFI included in the price £15Pn. Also an enclosed, secure dog walk, in which I spent 40 minutes yesterday in the rain, trying to get our four legged little monster back on the lead….Oh I laughed!! It’s times like that I wish I had a taser!

Anyway about 1/2 a mile up the road is the 4×4/Quad off road centre, with lots of other outdoor activities available such as Clay Shooting…..Me?..outdoor activities? I think not!!

The ground is pretty sodden at the moment, so we’re located in a paddock, (Quarantined like a kid with measles!) with Peters Land Rover ready to pull us off tomorrow if required!…..For the spotters…Its a 1958 version.



That is all

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