Burma Star Veterans AGM 2014 – National Memorial Arboretum

Sometimes you have days you know that you’ll never forget. Yesterday was one such day for me.

The Welshpool Branch of The RWF Comrades Association, escorted two of their Burma Star Veterans; Harold Jones & Ted Jones MM to the Burma Star AGM, held at the National Memorial at the Arboretum, Stafford. Seven of us in total, all from different eras of the regiments history. On arrival our two boys were immediately approached by Viscount Slim and Lady Slim. The lads were so pleased and they all happily had a picture taken together.


Harold & Ted MM with Viscount and Lady Slim

A short time later the boys attended the AGM escorted by myself and another “younger” veteran, looking around there was about 50 people in the hall, with about 10-15 of them actual holders of The Burma Star….Years ago, the Association would have in excess of 3000 men sitting down for the AGM!! Today the meeting was addressed by Viscount Slim, son of “Uncle Bill”, himself a soldier of pedigree, Gurkhas, SAS etc . You can see that Lord & Lady Slim thoroughly enjoy meeting up with these old soldiers.


Viscount Slim addresses the Burma Star AGM 2014

We then attended a short service at the Burma Grove, whereupon Harold laid a wreath in remembrance of ALL Royal Welchman who never returned from the Far East conflict. Later as a Branch, we gathered together at the RWF Memorial Tree, as Ted MM laid a wreath in remembrance of all the Welshpool men of the regiment who never returned.

The Welshpool Branch


Ted MM & Harold at the Burma War Memorial

Ted and Harold were brilliant company, two old soldiers, who speak the same language as us more modern versions, the same jokes and punchlines, knowing nods as we pass a pretty girl, plenty of mickey-taking and a genuine expression of happiness of being around other Royal Welchman. They are impressive men and on days like this you get a glimpse into their characters. Priceless.

That is all.

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May 22, 2014 · 10:23 am

One response to “Burma Star Veterans AGM 2014 – National Memorial Arboretum

  1. Ian Kelsey

    Touching account of a memorable day Al, you do us not so old soldiers proud. Cheers

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