Vango Kela(Tall) Airbeam Driveaway Awning


With a 3 week trip to Germany looming, we finally stumped up the cash and bought the Vango Kela Tall. After lots of price checking, I bought online from John Cross in Sussex. I have a Defence Privilege Discount Card, & JC as supporter of veterans, offers 10% for all purchases, which at a RRP of £379 is potentially a decent amount with over £30 off the purchase price.  Additionally its free delivery. Anyway…all good, and an excellent delivery process. I would be surprised if you can source it cheaper?

You’re right though, it ain’t cheap, but it is really well made, and the air system means there’s no metal poles to lug about, or try and thread through interminably small holes. With practice, I reckon I’ll be able to assemble in under 10 mins!!!

This weekend we went off to Tan House Farm CL at Frampton on Severn, meeting up with Aussie Relatives. So fully equipped, we excitedly deployed the Vango! and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful weekend, on a fantastically peaceful CL, with the bit of extra space to chill out in.


I’m not the world best tent erector, but this product was quite easy and the “air beams” are very solid. The only issue is making the shroud that joins to the van, fit snugly to the van exterior, lots of gaps for midges and rain to get in!! Maybe I can improve on that as we gain experience. We also like the fact that the living space, can be sealed from both ends with a midge net. This might be useful in Southern Germany, I suspect we will sleep some nights in the awning, as the van lacks aircon.


The packing away was no big issue either, you just need a system in place, that suits you, to get the job done.

Overall very happy thus far.

That is all.

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  1. Looks good. Enjoy Deutschland!

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