Castle Rising – Norfolk


We stumbled across a great location to visit; Castle Rising, a small village just a couple of miles walk from our campsite in the Sandringham Forest. Within the village is a castle which has real historic significance as it was the home of Queen Isabella, Wife of Edward II.


Castle Rising

Isabella earned her pace in english history by plotting her husbands downfall and possibly his death with her lover Roger Mortimer and then effectively ruled as a warrior queen until her son Edward III was old enough to re-take the crown and have his mothers lover killed. She later moved back into Castle Rising.


Often referred to as a “She-Wolf”, she was not a person to be messed with. Her Wiki page is a fascinating story of power, lust, greed and cruelty:


Mutts was well impressed with the moat.

The castle has been owned by the Howard family since the 15th Centuary and is administered by English Heritage. It’s built on a huge keep, with the banks of the surrounding moat clearly visible, a great example of this type of castle. You can walk inside building(dogs allowed on leads). More information can be found here:

Tonight is “Chip Van Night” here on the Sandringham Estate, you can feel the tension and anticipation in the air. I wonder if they sell Corona pop?

That is all


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2 responses to “Castle Rising – Norfolk

  1. Chip van! – lovely memories of living in deepest darkest Devon when the kids were small. Weds evenings and Sat lunch were chip van times – we went for the Saturday option as he was a bit after their bedtime on Wednesday. So Sat lunch was fish and chips watching the ancient films on BBC2!

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