Tea With The Queen – Sandringham Norfolk


It never happened! I got to the gates at Sandringham all suited and booted and discovered three very important bits of information:

1. The Queen wanted 13 of my hard earned pounds(per person), if I wanted to pop in for a brew!

2. V.Crucial….She wasn’t in.

3. V.V.Crucial…Her house was closed till April 2014!

So with that in mind and a tad miffed, we mooched about at the nearby visitors centre with all the other great unwashed as my Other Half blew £35 on lady tracksuits and other tat at an outdoor shop(she blindsided me, I didn’t see it coming). Even the Church of St Magdalene’s was closed, which was a great shame. I always thought this type of tourism was 365 days of the year….If its not, it should be.

Nearby to the “Closed” entrance to the church, is a poignant memorial to the members of the E (Sandringham Pals) Company 5th Norfolk Regiment, who were wiped out to a man, fighting the Turks in the Dardanelles in 1915. The company was made up exclusively of the estate workers and led by the Kings Land Agent, 54yr old Captain Frank Beck.Image

The whole battalion became known as “The Lost Battalion” as the vast majority were killed during the attack at Suvla on the 12 Aug 1915. Most historians now believe many were executed by the Turks, who at that time did not have a concept of taking prisoners. The memorial above, which stands near to the church was paid for by King George V.

More information can be found here:


We are currently parked up at the Caravan Clubs main site, which is located within the Sandringham Estate. As you can imagine, its surrounded by deep woods and its a great place to do some easy walking in countryside, in an area thats easy on the eye. The Sandringham Visitors Centre about a mile or so from the campsite, offers a restaurant and various outlets for the estate produce.


No restrictions on dogs within the forest, our 4 legged idiot has had an absolute ball, lots of off lead walking, aimlessly chasing a plastic ring.


The 4 legged idiot and his plastic ring!


The Chucklebus parked up at Sandringham CC Site

The Campsite is pretty good, friendly staff, decent sized pitches, piped TV, good phone signals and at this time of the year quite cheap, I think we paid £17pn. This is our first experience of a Main CC Site and we quite like it, so much so that we extended our stay by two nights.

Best of all Fish & Chip Van at 6pm tomorrow night (Klaxon sounds)….so at 5 minutes to six tomorrow evening, the “Other Half” will have her best sprinting trainers on….gumshield in place and ten of my finest pounds clutched tightly in her sweating hands. God help anyone who tries to stop her!!!


Mutts reaction to hearing the Chip Van is coming!

Back to reality on Saturday

That is all

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