Warning Order – Deutsch Spritztour 2014

With nearly 12 months gone since we acquired the Chucklebus, our thoughts have turned to this years summer jaunt. Last year we mooched about in SW England and along the West Wales coast, learning how to live in the van for extended periods. This year we plan to step it up a little and cross over to mainland Europe heading deep into Germany on a 20 odd day road trip. Lots to do and see, adjusting the speed of travel as required, mainly stopping over on Stellplatzes(municipal stover sites for motorhomes), with the odd decent campsite for admin and R+R!

The five main areas of geographical interest are:

1. The Mosel Valley – A wine producing region.

mosel valley

2. The Spa town of Baden-Baden


3. The Black Forest. The forest is 200km in length, we plan to end this stage at Lake Constance on the German/Austrian/Swiss border.

black forest


Lake Constance straddles the borders of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

4. The Alpiner Stasser.  Along the German Austrian Border

alpine strasser

The Alpiner Strasser

5. The Romantische Straße. A 410km route between Fussen and Wurzberg, a selling ploy dreamt up by German travel agents to sell to American servicemen and their families, holidaying over 60yrs ago. The route passes through typical picturesque german towns and villages in Southern Germany with the Alps as a backdrop.


Neuschwanstein Castle on the Romantic Road.

So far we’ve booked the Eurotunnel Crossing for July/August Folkstone-Calais, quite reasonable at £200 including “Das Hund!”  The trip is of 30mins duration and then its a 4-5 hr drive to the Koblenz area to commence the trip south though the Mosel. We are also in the process of getting the Mutts pet passport sorted.

Work in Progress

That is all.


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6 responses to “Warning Order – Deutsch Spritztour 2014

  1. Ian Kelsey

    Hi Al,your trip sounds good (no chips mit mayonaise at Wankum In note?!)
    We live 5 miles from the channel tunnel so if you fancy an overnight stay on route there or back then it would be great to see you.Have drive for bus, but of course guest room awaits. let me know. cheers kels

  2. Cheers Mate, maybe pop in for a brew on the return route. Getting all sorted at “Wankum” So many juvenile jokes over that in the past…Still laughing now 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    You should hire your super vehicle out to a group of brothers and let them take it up north !!!!

  4. We can certainly recommend the Mosel Valley – did that a couple of years ago – 80km – the cycle track and road follow the river both sides for most of it. Plenty of Stellplatz on the banks. Started at Trier – avoid Stellplatz at south end – like a car park, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere near the toilets and a van was broken into when we were there. Apart from that one of the best places we have visited.

  5. If you do your shopping in Tesco you can exchange vouchers for tunnel crossing at a rate of 3 or 4 to 1, so £25 of vouchers gets you a discount of something like £75 or £100 – need to sort out in advance though, not on the day. Also pet passport ok, but you do HAVE to follow the rules or you might get stuck in France. Saw that happen once on a Friday night with a bank holiday Monday following and all because the vet didn’t put the TIME of the appointment for the tablet on the passport!!! Good luck on your travels.

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