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Windswept Dorset to Laverick Hall CL – Halton Lancashire

Currently parked up at a small CL just east of Halton, near to J34 of the M6. But before that….


We’d spent the New Year at the Ponciau Princesses Summer Residence in Dorset, although the sun was sadly lacking and it was pretty grim down south! This feeling of doom was heightened by the rather large tree lying in the garden of a nearby house. However a couple of bottles of xmas vino soon put that right. This will be our last trip to this area for a while, we’ll miss it.

We saw the New Year in at The Granary in Wareham. They’d organised a Thai Evening, TBH I wasn’t really bothered about venturing out on New Years Eve, but I really enjoyed the night, the food was great and so was the company. Well worth it.


A spot of Thai Dancing!

Weather State = Poor

Hangover Level – 6.

I did not venture outside until the 2nd Jan 2014!

2nd Jan: Visited the bay at Kimmeridge, Dorset. Interesting place, lots of fossils(including me..strikes bell) and rock formations. Seemingly this is also a popular surfing spot, I have to say they were conspicuous by their absence on this particular day.


Kimmeridge Bay Dorset


N Walians scavenging on Dorset Beaches….Mutts looks on..Amused!

Some random tower at Kimmeridge….Didn't make it to the top!

Some random tower at Kimmeridge….Didn’t make it to the top!

Yesterday the 3rd Jan, we did a 6hr fighting withdrawal from the county of Dorset, closely followed by high winds, sweeping rain, large hail stones, a double rainbow and the kitchen sink!


(Alarm Sounds) STORM INBOUND


The hail stones arrive on the A34

The hail stones arrive on the A34



The double rainbow

On arrival in Lancashire all we had to contend with was high winds….the van was rocking n rolling….and not in a good way. Anyway, we survived and this morning we emerged from the Chucklebus to enjoy the vista from our high position towards the costal area of Morcambe. Great views.

So I got the Chucklebus team cracking….and heartily breakfasted on fresh white bread, poached eggs and Yorkshire Tea…(Maybe I should start blogging in the style of a victorian mill owner?). 

Looking around the site here at Laverick Hall, its quite a nice spot, all hardstandings, good TV signal, shower and toilets, Mutts tells me he’s pleased with the large enclosed field for dogs as well. Not bad for £14 per night. Absolutely quiet and and peaceful, but only a few mins from the M6.


Dark and foreboding? No just poor light settings. Laverick Hall


The approach to the campsite along Laverick Rd.

Later we walked the kilometre or so to the village of Halton and picked up the footpath that follows the River Lune to the famous beauty spot “Crook o Lune”, where the river comes back on itself forming the shape of a shepards crook. This was made famous by the painter JMW Turner who painted the scene in the early 1800’s:

Crook of Lune, Looking towards Hornby Castle circa 1816-18 by Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851

Image courtesy: Courtauld Institute Gallery


The Millennium Footpath that follows the River Lune

We followed the millennium tarmac footpath for a short distance then diverted onto a public footpath that runs alongside the river, the Mutt was a lot happier on this, to the extent that he got so excited that he promptly fell into the river!!…He wasn’t so keen on that. Fortunately it was calm and he scrambled out quickly, hurting nothing more than his pride, for a water dog, he doesn’t seem to like getting wet very much!

Just prior to Mutts involuntary dip in the River Lune!

Just prior to Mutts involuntary dip in the River Lune!

We enjoyed the walk, even the 2km uphill bit back to the campsite! So now we’re sat back in the Chucklebus, feasting on fine ale and vittals served by the wench (geddit? Victorian mill owner blog stylee).

Tomorrow a short jaunt slightly further north for family business, then swiftly back to N Wales on the same day.

A Happy New Year From the Chucklebus Crew.

Thats is all


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