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Barmouth – Superb Beach, Town Needs a Polish.

We are currently parked up at Hendre Mynach, a fairly large camping and caravanning site just north of Barmouth. Not our normal type of site, but in the off-season during poor weather, it offers hardstandings, clean shower blocks and at this time of the year not that many other visitors on-site. The biggest sell is its proximity to the near deserted beach that runs between Barmouth and Harlech. So overall happy with the site, a warm welcome from the lady in reception, so we don’t really need much more.


Everyday we head out to the beach with the Mutt, come rain or shine….As long as he can chase a frisbee and stretch his legs he’s quite happy. We normally walk along the beach for a mile and pop into Barmouth TC, pick up the paper and of course have a mooch through the window of the local Milk Bar(you don’t see many these days), this is currently the highlight of our day.


The Other Half keeps trying to get me to have a pot of tea and a slice in the Arousal Cafe!!! Bit racy for me though:


There’s not a lot here really, its a nice looking place when you scratch below the surface. But only once you get back from the prom do you see its best bits. It’s quite scruffy in places, which is a shame. I used to come here as a young teenager, it was buzzing, but now 40yrs later, whilst generally the tourist business has moved on in its style and content, Barmouth seems stuck in a time warp. The council has made some efforts on the long promenade, placing out dozens and dozens of Palm trees in nice planter boxes, but I think it needs a bit more than that. The amusement arcades on the front look really decrepit, and act as a visual barrier between the solidly built victorian town and its huge expanse of sandy beach. The hotels on the prom look pretty dire, one worthy of mention is the “Arbour”….


The Arbour “O”tel in all its faded glory

You can see the plastic flowers placed centrally on the windowsill of each room and occasional glimpses of candelabras behind the numerous “No Vacancies” signs that populate the windows of this particular hotel.  Shades of “Great Expectations”.


The Arbour Hotel in the background, along with an occasional palm tree

One area worthy of mention is the harbour, at the lip of the Mawdach estuary, beyond the lifeboat station. Some nice food places and less tat on display. There is an interesting sculpture by a local artist Frank Cocksey titled “The Last Haul” Carved from Carrara Marble, It represents 3 generations of fishermen hauling in their nets. The marble slab was recovered from a Genovese shipwreck in 1978, that sank off Barmouth back in the early 1700’s. The sculpture is located across from The Last In pub, on the road that leads to the harbour:


The Last Haul

So whilst we like the beach off-season and the walks through to the Mawddach Estuary, the town itself needs some TLC. We will return though.

That is all


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