Fantastic Mr Fox…Not

We are now sharing the garden with a “Skulk” of Foxes…..


Covering the 3 and 6 o’clock arcs

Now I quite like them, although probably wish they wouldn’t wantonly slaughter anything small, furry or feathered that is unfortunate to cross their path. Still each to its own, but I don’t really want them peeing. poohing and digging up my already patchy garden. So a War of Attrition(humanely fought of course) has began, which I hope will be fought with fairness and honour!!!

Muttley’s not so keen on his usual entrance into the garden “Yahooo..look at me Dad”  by leaping off the top of the patio decking into the garden below. Now he’s a little more cautious, instead he now stands on the decking, sniffs the air and has a good look below, before descending the steps.

I’m hopeful that these young cubs may wander off to pastures new in the next month, as evidenced in the chart below, showing their life cycle. I’m counting on the “Dispersal” bit:


But as with all competent commanders (I command the potting shed, and the little path), I must plan for war! Total War!

At the moment I’m concentrating on strengthening my defences against the intruders, I’ve already increased the perimeter security, but as seen below, like an extra from the Great Escape, they quickly overcame my efforts. We’ve also identified their exit point, their deception plan is shoddy and that may prove to be their downfall, I’m onto them….

Now we move to the next stage:


Mr Fox exhibiting a sloppy deception plan, whilst exiting the garden!….Oooh bad drills!

Tomorrow, the first of my offensive equipment arrives…The Repellents. Now I know there is probably more chance of a Psychic being able to speak to the dead, than these products actually working, but its a road I have to travel, my tree hugging friends are watching! So soon I will be deploying “Scoot” and “Get Out of My Garden”.(other products are available). I’m not convinced…More to follow.

That is all.


October 1, 2013 · 4:54 pm

2 responses to “Fantastic Mr Fox…Not

  1. Anonymous

    Better a Skulk of foxes than a murder of crows!

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