Woodville CL – Pontesford, South Shropshire Score: 5/5

After a month of self-imposed abstinence, this fine weekend we fired up the Chucklebus and headed into South Shropshire, to a small site located within the village of Pontesford, some 6 miles south of Shrewsbury.


The site called “Woodville” is located on a family smallholding belonging to Dave and Sarah. They’re experienced motorhomers and this is evidenced in the layout of the site and the warm welcome they afford every visitor. The site is tucked away approximately 300ms from the main road, it’s very quiet and secluded with no passing traffic. This is a really nice location.


The local area is dominated by Pontesford Hill, which is clearly visible from the site and linked by a series of footpaths to the CL. You can walk directly from Woodville to the summit of Pontesford Hill entirely off-road, so ideal for visitors with kids or dogs.

In the 1950s the famous big screen filmmakers; Pressberger & Powell shot many of the scenes from the Film “Gone to Earth” on Pontesford Hill and the surrounding area. The film was based on a book about the hill by local author Mary Webb, who lived nearby in the early 1900’s.   http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0042513/


The twin peaks of Pontesford Hill through the early morning haze.

The Woodville site fees are £13pn, for this you get a grassed pitch(neatly cut), your own fresh water supply, grey waste drain and 16A EHU. Sarah also provides each pitch with their own local information folder.  3G/Freeview are workable in the area, so its ideal if your staying for a few days and need communication. The larger village of Pontesbury is also within easy walking distance, with some local shops and a couple of pubs that serve food.

On Friday evening we spend the night eating, drinking and watching “Strictly”….I know, I know, shameful, but its a weakness!!. “Sequins & Pearls” Other than that, a very quiet night, with only the resident owl terwit-terwooing for company

……Next day, I was up like  a lark, issued the “Other Half” with instructions for breakfast, and gave the Mutt advanced notice of an impending walk. So whilst I relaxed and thought through the tactical considerations of the days activities ahead, the “Other Half” whisked up bacon n eggs and the Mutt aimlessly chased a rubber disk around the field.”Total Leadership in Action” Its a gift I have!

We then began the walk from the site to Pontesford Hill,  following a series of well marked footpaths that initially trace the flow of Habberley Brook.


This is pleasant Shropshire countryside and with good weather, what an excellent way to spend a Saturday. The path eventually leads to a small waterfall and rock pool.


The beauty of this place is the lack of visitors, its off the normal tourist track and is really only known to the locals. Throughout the whole walk we only passed 3 or 4 other couples.

Eventually we arrived at the foot of Pontesford Hill. The summit has two peaks, the highest is “Earls Hill” and is marked with a trig point. The major part of the hill is heavily wooded, with various paths offering different standards of walks to the bare-grassed steep summit, several are eye wateringly steep! Although in height terms it’s small fry, its does offer great views across South Shropshire


The woodland walk

I was quite happy to meander up the Green Route(Easy), but the Other Half and Muttley had other ideas, so after a quick game of “Rock/Paper/Scissors”, which I lost, we hit the Purple Route(hard!)…Basically we went straight up in the general direction of the sky! along a narrow track until we reached the end of the wood, from which we emerged onto the final grassed approach to the summit.


Only one slight problem, the final stile. Muttley for some reason won’t act like a steeple chaser and leap over it..instead he sits and howls like a wolf cub. So I end up like a sherpa, lugging a lump of hair and muscle over any obstacle in excess of 3ft:


The dog won’t follow – The Approach


Upsadaisy – The Lift!

So with the dog now safely on the same side of the fence as us, we continued up to the trigpoint on the top of Earls Hill.


Nearly there


Made it!

Once we’d reached the summit, it was easy to pick up the nearest hight feature in the distance, that of the Stiperstones, which we’d climbed earlier in the year.


Looking towards the Stiperstones

After lunch on the summit, we commenced the walk down, which was pretty impressive as well.


So! we were back at the chucklebus about 4hrs after our original departure, not one car seen, no roads to cross and almost all of the walk on small wooded paths or open fields. Sarah tells me there are some other walks that can be picked up directly from the site, so for us, this is one bolt-hole we will definitely be returning to.

That is all.


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2 responses to “Woodville CL – Pontesford, South Shropshire Score: 5/5

  1. That’s an area I know absolutely nothing about, so thanks for the info Jimmy K (I’m going to have to shorten that to JK I think) 🙂

    • Probably a bit tame and limited for you Paul, although the Stiperstones would be a good stretch out for the dog, there is an earlier review of Lilac House at Pennerly, which is at the foot of that range of crags. JK 🙂

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