“Every Little Helps!”

After a months break from the world of blogging, I thought it was probably time for an update. On the motorhome side, we’ve installed an improved TV ariel, this will be crucial during the winter months, as I do need my “Strictly” fix on the run-up to Xmas, although I’m distraught that Flavia’s left the show……Any bloke that tells you he enjoys the interpretation  and choreography of a particular dance on the show is lying!!!!

On a personal level, I’m now officially “Semi-Retired”. After some 10 months of doing absolutely nothing, I picked up myself a little temp part-time job with Britain’s biggest grocer. Spending a couple of induction shifts with a few 16/17yr olds was an enlivening experience “I’m tired, I’ve got school in the morning”and don’t even mention the Till-Training….3hrs of my life I wish to forget about(Shudder). But once that was out of the way, happy days. A couple of 5hr night shifts per week, just me, an aisle of dairy/fresh produce and some stonking 70/80’s music being blasted out over the store tannoy. Life doesn’t get any better than date-rotating yoghurts to the 80s classic sound “AEIOU” by FREEEZ!


The Badges of Office.

I’m in heaven and really enjoying the experience, no responsibilities, no decision making, just a few hours concentrating on nothing, perfect! The overall aim is to:

  1. Keep me occupied and away from mischief.
  2. Earn a small sum that will cover all the associated running costs of the van.

So far, so good.

Our next trip away will probably be at the end of Sept, somewhere local..ish, just to get back into that winter mode and give the van run out.

Thats is all.

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