Day 10 #grandtour13pt2 – Llandigige Fawr, Berea, Pembrokeshire

On Day 8 we all piled into the Chucklebus, tooted our horn and sped of in a cloud of dust in the direction of Haverfordwest. En-route I deployed the “Other Half” into Morrisons at said town for a replenishment of my beer and haemorrhoid cream, she also came back with a carrier bag of cherry lips and red liquorice laces, (she would actually kill you for those items) so both parties were satisfied and shopping justice was done. We then headed north along the Pembrokeshire coast, firstly stopping on a lay-by to take in the view at Newgale Beach:


The approach to Newgale

I used to drive this road to work nearly 20yrs ago, I can still remember the first time I did it, I had to pull the car over and take a proper look. Still great today, although as its a bank holiday weekend it was quite busy.

So now on Day 10, we’re parked up at Llandigige Fawr a few miles north east of St Davids, a decent sized CL in a large grassed field, complete with EHU. Its quiet, clean and pretty much ideal for us.


Llandigige Fawr

“The Other Half” is all excited because in the next field to us are rows n rows of Pembrokeshire Potatoes. As she hails from the Emerald Isle, I have a special pet-name for her “Spudmuncher”….what could be more loving than that? ” Oi Spuddy, there’s SPUD’s in the next field”….and off she scampers!! So for tonight on the BBQ, holding pride of place, is good old Pembrokeshire potatoes!

Yesterday we walked over to the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path. Initially we headed to Abereiddy Bay, which is popular with surfers and body boarders,


Our first peek at the bay

we bought some lunch and sat on the stony beach, watching their antics…Bondi its not, but still entertaining:


Abereiddy Beach

Later we followed the path south, along the cliff edge, eventually spotting a couple of seals mooching about a lobster-pot buoy, no doubt hoping for scraps. The coast is pretty wild along here, but really good for walking. I think I would like to come back over the next 12 months and do some more.


Looking back towards Abereiddy Bay

Today on Day 10, we’ve decided to have a “No Move” day, so lots of loitering around around the van and basically being idle and getting into mischief. Although we did take the mutt to a nearby cricket field and let him have a run about:


I’ve also invented a new sport “Waspee’s” Which involves me whacking wasps with a flyswat, with the express intention of getting them to hit the “Other Half”, who’s scared stiff of them.  I’m doing quite well, we’re now at the stage where she’s to frightened to enter the van…I’ll do this for a couple of more hours, then tactically back off at tea-time, when she needs access to the cooker…


Waspee Alert State – Red:

Another day here, before we move back to Motorhomedreamer HQ

That is all.

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One response to “Day 10 #grandtour13pt2 – Llandigige Fawr, Berea, Pembrokeshire

  1. Anonymous

    Eloise and I just loved your blog, especially the bit about Sharon buying cherry lips and red laces, Never too old for them. Eloise says you are cruel to Sharon with the wasps. take care mum and Eloise x x x

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