The West Wales Jaunt – Day 1 #grandtour13pt2

So after kicking our heels for a few days, we packed up the van with pot noodles, wine, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” dvd’s, a ton of sweeties for the “Other half” and various treats for the mutt. We then pointed the van to the 7 o’clock position and headed to the lower part of Mid Wales, pitching up at a great site called Cwmcuttan: a few miles north of Llandovery. The location is very isolated, with only two other units present. As always with Mid Wales, its raining….Image

During this trip we’ll be moving through West Wales, eventually getting up as far as St Davids, before heading home. The planned route is shown below:


Tomorrow we head across to a small isolated site near Pendine Sands, which used to be the venue for world land speed records. Of particular interest is the Museum of Speed at Pendine, which contains the record breaking car “Babs” which was driven by Wrexham born speedster John Godfrey Parry-Thomas. He was the son of a Wrexham vicar and broke the land speed record using Babs in 1925. He lost his life on the sands in 1927, driving the same car. Babs was buried on Pendine Sands by other enthusiasts after the crash, but removed in 1969 and eventually renovated.

We’re also hoping to walk across to Laugharne, famously the home of Dylan Thomas.

So lots to do.

That is all.

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