Day 19 #grandtour13 – Welcome Home!

So after departing Cornwall early on the morning of Day 18. We overnighted in Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire, before finishing the final leg back to North Wales today. What a warm welcome we had on return, so warm in fact, we could smell it!!!! Yep, at some point over the last 18 days, the house fusebox tripped, leaving a packed freezer and partially-filled fridge to happily cook away over the intervening days. You could smell it as we opened the door. Oh we laughed, as we bagged rotting food, while trying not to gag. So the first 3 hrs was spent, gagging, bagging, binning and car runs to the tip….I love a crisis, what would I do without them! The electricians booked!

Anyway, back to the #grandtour13. Its been a great trip and an excellent learning curve for the 3 Stooges. Cornwall in particular was outstanding. Next year we’re planning to dip our toe into mainland Europe for the summer, so this period away has been very useful indeed. I now know that Muttley will happily break wind in the confined space of the van….one after the other, over a 30min period and feigns surprise when challenged (Whooo me?). I also now aware that the “Other Half” covets my bed in the van, i’m currently fighting a rear-guard action to prevent another “sleeping bag” scenario…(Read “The Maiden Voyage”)


The Cornish Coast

Thanks to everyone who followed the blog. I really felt your pain as you persevered through bad grammar, incoherent syntax and of course my attempts at humour. So to finish with a few statistics:

19 Days on the road.

15 Nights spent in the van.

3 Minor arguments.

£175 Camping pitch charges

£11.75 Average cost per nights camping pitch.

5 x Shit Runs(Van Waste) – Including two up a steep hill, with spectators!

830 Miles travelled in the Chucklebus, approximately.

4 x Counties visited with overnight stays – Gloucestershire, Dorset, Somerset and Cornwall.

So for the rest of the week, we will mainly be trying to get rid of the prevailing smell of death in the house, cleaning the van and of course getting myself a much needed haircut…


Enjoy whats left of the summer.

That is all.


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5 responses to “Day 19 #grandtour13 – Welcome Home!

  1. Paul Hinge

    How did you manage to get to Cornwall without going through Devon?

  2. Anonymous

    Glad to hear you got home safely but sorry to hear about your food disaster. What a home coming! Hope you can get rid of the smell. Enjoyed following your travels, looking forward to the next episode. xxxmum

  3. First off………feel like I have to apologise for lolling along to your account of a grand coming home story 😉
    We’ve been so engrossed in puppies & house demolitions I totally missed out on your trip so will have to play catch up while Mr B tries to restore order in the bathroom!
    PS: love how your mum is embracing the power of the blog, ha!

  4. The “Other Half’s” Mum. Good luck with the Mutts, I saw the pics the other day, exciting times. 🙂

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