Day 15 #grandtour13 – Mawgan Porth

We woke up to beautiful sunshine again this morning, so after a quick jog, some weight training and 300m swim!! (I am of course joking, no swim!) I suggested a gentle stroll along the coast, heading south towards Newquay, but only planning to go as far as Mawgan Porth, which is regularly touted as one of the best beaches in the area.

The walk onto the coastal path at Bedruthan and then following the cliffs for a few kilometres, was as we expected, easy going with fantastic views.


Looking back towards Bedruthan Steps

One thing i’ve noticed on our walking travels down here, the absence of litter! The coastal path is kept in pristine condition, its immaculate and a credit to the teams of ground-workers you occasionally see, high up on the path, busy maintaining it. Very few rubbish bins as well, so I have to assume at least some of the walkers take their litter home with them.


The other thing is the lack of paths down to the small sandy coves, so they really are a haven for wildlife due to the isolation. Anyone venturing onto the beaches, would need to have an escape plan for when the tide comes in. You can understand why smuggling was such a popular pastime for the locals in the 18th & 19th century, local knowledge was everything and catching them would have been very difficult.

So eventually we spied the bay at Mawgan Porth as we descended the narrow cliff path. The first thing that struck us was the trendy buildings erected up on the high ground across the front of the bay, it turned out these were hotels. One of the most interesting visually was the Scarlett  I have no idea how good it is, but it certainly has a commanding view of the area and looks a little like the properties you would see on Grand Designs.

The village itself is very small, but has some nice restaurants, a decent village shop and some hangouts for surfer types, selling wetsuits etc. The beach is long and narrow, with shelter from the wind provided by the steep cliffs either side. All the sunbathers and families are mainly at the top of the beach.


This then leaves a virtually deserted middle piece of beach, before you get to the waters edge, which of course is dominated by surfers and bodyboarders. The swimmers and surfers are monitored by RNLI Lifeguards with good reason, as some of the tides have a sting in the tail.

When you look back to the top end of the beach you realise how long it is and actually how very few bathers there are, in comparison to more popular beaches at Constantine Bay and Porthcowan, further north.


Looking back from the waters edge to the top of the beach


When you visit beaches like Mawgan Porth, you realise, with good weather, they can easily compete with most of popular opposition on the other side of the English Channel.

That is all.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Sharon does that beach not remind you of the East Strand in Portrush? Lovely x x x

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