Day 14 #grandtour13 – The Admin Day!

After yesterdays exertions, I made a command decision and decided that today should be an “Admin Day”, to give the “Other Half” time to recover and also to sort out the van, after living in it for 8 consecutive nights with a few more still to go.  I absolutely refute the spurious allegations doing the rounds, that our lay-up is in response to the blister I have on my right heel! (My lawyers are watching, and its not a blister, it’s Epidermal Trauma…with capitals!).


The dog monitors the admin party

So today has been all about cleaning and maintenance. I also did the 200m “Walk of Shame” with the shit-bucket to the waste disposal point. Past all the rustic holiday cottages and fresh faced city-types called Edward and Jemima and their broods of well-spoken kids. Just me and my Thetford Waste container, its plastic wheels trundling and clattering, it sounded like the Rag n Bone man doing the rounds!…I could hear the sniggers,  I wouldn’t mind, but only 25% of it belongs to me….I’ll say no more on the subject, i’m just too much of a gentleman!

The site here in Cornwall we’re staying on is called Carnewas Farm.

We have a beautiful spot, in a small bowl set around 3 small ponds..complete with lilypads frogs, wild fowl and allegedly a kingfisher(not seen). Only us and one other long-termer caravan at our part of the farm. They also have another site, on a higher field, which will take 5 caravans. Additionally they have a field allocated to tents. Its a really great location, just a short walk from the coast. The price is £11 per night including electric, which is exceptional when you consider the location and time of year. The owners Wendy and Richard are very welcoming, they keep the site open throughout the year, so if your into camping or similar and want access to the coastal path, we can highly recommend this location. At the front entrance to the farm lane is the bus stop, which will take you to Padstow to the north or south to Newquay, so getting around is fairly easy.



View from the van

So we’ve spent a really lazy day, mooching about, a little bit of reading and listening to Absolute 80’s. The music is actually better than I remember it, although in fairness, they’ve not yet played “Shaddupa ya Face” or “Grandma We Love You”….Still in the words of Daughter No 2…”Top-choooooons”, who incidentally is off to Amsterdam shortly for a cultural weekend!, I’ve given her the full brief as required by the universal fellowship of fathers;

“Don’t mix your drinks. Make sure you’ve got €10 for the taxi. Don’t mule drugs back to the UK! 

That is all.


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3 responses to “Day 14 #grandtour13 – The Admin Day!

  1. Anonymous

    Love your musings Al whilst you try to be anodyne you really are quite funny!
    Had some wonderful holidays as a child in Cornwall and the true Cornish (not many if em there now all incomes) are very welcoming just like us earthy rustic West Walians…..have a great time..I know you will and Kristian sys a big thank you for putting him in-touch with that accountancy firm they have been fantastic. Hwyl fawr Paul

  2. Anonymous

    You two seem to be having a great time. It looks a lovely place. When are you starting the book? Great reading. Love to you both take care Mum x x x

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