Day 13 #grandtour13 – A Pictorial Cornish Coastal Walk

Two words…!

“The South West Coast Path ranks alongside New Zealand’s Milford Track, Chile’s Torres del Paine trek and Alaska’s Chilkoot Trail as one of the world’s most awe-inspiring hikes, according to the new Great Adventures book published in October 2012 by Lonely Planet.”

Today in a rare moment of madness, I suggested we get out and see some of this wonderful part of the country….On foot! As a result, todays blog is mainly pics, as I don’t have the energy to do the “writy-bit with the pencil”

To be honest, the coastline was stunning….In the end I got sick of taking pictures, it really is that good. Overdosed on stunning views, that doesn’t happen very often.

With the agreement of the “Other Half” I decided if we were going to do this walk, it needed to be done resolutely. So I deployed the “Nuclear Option”, we would travel to our walk start point on public transport, then walk back!!!…..No half measures for this team matey, oh no. Add in the temp up into the late 20’s, and its a recipe for a great walk….But God i’m knackered!


Me on a bus! with the public. Not pleasant.

Anyway our route was from Harlyn Bay to Bedruthan Steps and then back to our farm camp site.  About 7-8 miles in total.



Muttley gets the walk off to a flying start by waving his arse at the sunseekers on Harlyn Bay!


The “Other Half” and Muttley discuss the finer points of lighthouse construction at Trevose Head….Mutts thinks it should be chocolate!


The word “Aquamarine” springs to mind


Mutts get’s his first lesson in gravity and its sometimes negative effect on a long and happy doglife!



Porthcothan…Another bay. Another glorious view

For those who’ve enjoyed the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, this path easily matches it. Most of the walking is at height, right on the cliff edges in some places, looking down onto golden beaches or the Atlantic slamming against the rocks below.

The route was fairly well marked out, as it followed the high cliffs.  Although on a few occasions, I felt like Nick Crane from BBC’s Coast programme, as I strode across the sweeping sandy beaches, resplendent in full hiking gear, trying to avoid the tourists sunbathing, we must have looked slightly out of place.

So….Walk done, 1 x blister on my right heel(The “Other Half” is calling me a lightweight!)

The dog is unusually quiet, the humans are shattered….The van doors are closed….Tonight we sleep!

That is all.

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