Day 11/12 #grandtour 13 – Padstow/Bedruthan Steps

Sunday: After a heart-stopping sail through the flash-flooded roads of South West Cornwall, we finally arrived at the outskirts of Padstow. On a Sunday afternoon the place was predictably rammed with tourists (we’re not tourists, we’re motorhomers!). So much so, we even had to park the chucklebus a mile or so outside the town and use the “Park n Ride”.  For those who know me, you’ll be aware that my mantra is “I don’t do public transport” so the situation was pretty dire. Anyway, we eventually got to Padstow proper, had a quick look through the window at Rick Steins place(rammed with even more tourists 😦 ) and then made our way to the harbour area for the obligatory photos and a Cornish Pasty.



The “Other Half” humanely deals with a distressed Cornish Pasty!

The town is very picturesque,  I think out of summer season would be a better time to visit, just too hectic for an old boy like me!.  So we were quickly back on the bus and “Pronto to the Chucklebus Mr Busdriver“. On arrival at the Park n Ride, I dispatched the other half to the next door Tesco to stock up on supplies, whilst I grabbed 40 much needed winks!!. She came back about an hour later, laden with 6 full carriers bags and claiming the store was mental…(Note to self, continue your “No Supermakets on Sunday” policy)….Well done Missus.

Then a little more of me displaying my coastal skippering skills as I manoeuvred the chucklebus through the rain sodden Cornish lanes, before we ended up at our final destination and home for the next 7 days;  Carnewas Farm, which is opposite Bedruthan Steps. Right on the coastline.


We’re very happy with the site location, especially at £11pn and offering unfettered access to the coastline. Basic facilities, but includes electric which is all we need. So this week we’ll be mostly walking the coastal path, exploring the surrounding area and getting wet!


A snipers eye view of the chucklebus

Monday: After a full night of torrential rain and a bit more this morning, we finally emerged from our cocoon at 11am. The windbreak we’d erected the day before was still standing…but only just. Other than that all appeared OK.  So we packed a rucsac and  tramped up to the National Trust site opposite our location, which affords access to Bedruthan Steps.

The views from the cliff-tops here are truly stunning, the Cornish coastline at its best. This part of the coast is fairly treacherous, with many ships coming to grief on the rocks along here…conjuring up images of “The Wreckers”



Bedruthan Steps

The steps down to the beach are steep and there’s lots of them!


If the dog could talk “Dad, you’re having a F….. Laugh!

Once down on the beach, you get a feeling of how dangerous this area is. Lots of little coves, with very few areas for the unwary beach walker to escape up the cliffs from rising tides! The beach is pretty spectacular though.


The climb back up the cliff steps was a proper killer, I was blowing out of my backside. So after crawling up the last step I sat on a boulder and amused myself for 20 mins watching the faces of the other visitors as they reached the top…Young and old all trying to look cool as they emerged from the steps, no chance….This was survival!!

So now back at the van….Todays activities are over,  I’m off for a pensioners!

That is all.

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One response to “Day 11/12 #grandtour 13 – Padstow/Bedruthan Steps

  1. Loved Padstow! Cornwall was part of our honeymoon tour (pre-van! gutted!!!!) and always brings back happy memories ^_^

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