Day 9/10 #grandtour13 – Launceston Cornwall

Yesterday we upped sticks and moved the chucklebus a 2 hour journey further to the south west, to a small town called Launceston, which is midway between the left edge of Dartmoor and the west coast of Cornwall. We’re on an excellent farm CL called Lower Dutson Farm, parked up in a wood, lots of space, EHU, rustic toilets, fresh water and a carp lake…what more could a person ask for, all provided for the princely sum of £11 per night.


This is really a “holding area” until we launch a direct assault on the cornish coastline sometime tomorrow! So at the moment, the chucklebus is getting checked over and cleaned, little admin tasks to be completed, lots of cutting about clutching a screwdriver and a can of 3 in 1 oil!, I have a full list of tasks for the “Other Half”, ranging from a full engine lift to washing my smalls. As a good….No… GREAT leader, I of course allow her to prioritise the tasks and work, I will be checking progress at 1600hrs today mind!…(No pressure my sweet).

The view from my Command Post!

Last night we experienced a heavy thunderstorm, so in a rapid space of time, we were fully battened down. The dog coped remarkably well and remained calm during the thunder, which bodes well for the future. So we spent a pleasant evening listening to the rain pattering on the van roof, as we watched some episodes of Series 5 of “Curb your Enthusiasm”….Larry David is my personal god, he is so right…all the time, its just everyone around him that are so wrong!


Muttley guards the River Tamar

Tomorrow we head to a site near to Bedruthan Steps, Smack-bang on the cornish coastline….I’m so excited I could brew my own beer!

That is all.

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