Gonads – There they were, Gone!

Yep, our favourite mutt is now walking around gingerly and talking in a high pitched voice.

Yesterday, he had a visit to all the nice ladies at the vets, who always make such a fuss of him. He walked in with “The other half”, tail waging, flicking his paws out as he walked (Yippee Mum, I love the vets, look at me, look at me…pant pant), everything was going well, until the lead passed to the young nurse and “The other half” turned around and walked away….She had a quick look over her shoulder to see Muttley trying to frantically reverse in a narrow space and follow his mum…..no chance. Anyway, all done. Nuts now in the bin, where they can’t do any harm!

Today he’s a bit careful and feeling sorry for himself. Crafty as he is, every time the other half is in the same room he is milking the sympathy….big time. He should be on the stage. Doesn’t work with me….Tough Love. (Stand Easy Soldier).


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